Birthday Nail Art: Do Beautiful #2

Hello my beloved readership,

my birthday nail art is far from glamorous this year yet an attractive eye-catcher. Check it out with my second statement from the Do Beautiful-campaign.

In my passed article about my nail art for summer holidays, which you can retrieve here, I have introduced you to the “Do Beautiful”-campaign by Douglas. Every time left for this year which I blog about my nail art I am going to answer one of the questions asked within this campaign. While in my last article I talked about my personal beauty today’s question is a little bit more general.

“Learn to love yourself.”


What is your Beauty-Message?

Learn to love yourself. Personally, I think that this is a very important matter. I mean, honestly, who of us has not at least once in their life looked at themselves, looked at someone else, looked at themselves again and just like that stopped liking anything about themselves and wanted to look like this someone else or, what I consider even worse, be that someone else… But it is a fact that no matter how dreamlike everything may look from the outside we all have our burdens to carry. Of course we can look different thanks to plastic surgery and modern industry, wigs and contact lenses but is that really going to make us happy? I do not think so because it would not be us any longer. Talking about this furthermore than wanting to look different because of general or partly dissatisfaction I am feeling horrible about it that there are people who do not feel well moreover disgusted in their skin and do not want to be themselves because of a really bad experience. We all know what experiences I am talking about.

I want to encourage especially these people with my beauty-message: Even if it takes countless of looks in the mirror. Learn to love yourself so much that whenever you take a look in the mirror no matter how you look like and no matter how dark and gloomy your day may be and you may feel like you look in your image satisfied, happy and fulfilled. Same goes for when you take a look at photos of you. Always bear good thoughts and memories when looking at them. At the end getting yourself straightened out is the key to your self-confidence.

Birthday nail art in pastels.
Birthday nail art in pastels.

Nail Art by Thanh Nails

After using my nails to present you trends or symbolise occasions important to me I skipped to go glamorous for the nail art I styled for my birthday. Doing what I actually wanted and converting a nail art to reality which I was already burning for was more important. This was pastels that look so glorious that they are stronger than bright or neon colours. Corresponding to the muses of my birthday outfit I saw this nail art in green on Katrin Siska and in blue on Lenna Kuurmaa from Vanilla Ninja who perfectly and very sovereign combined it with their majorly rocky black wardrobe. This made it the perfect occasion for me to have eye-catching pastel nails to a black outfit. Do you know that feeling when you would simply love to put on all these wonderful colours at once? Well in the end the decision fell onto Lenna‘s blue because mint green is something I have pretty often represented when putting on pastels – not that I would not have blue less, especially this summer.

I combined them with purple – even though it was very hard to find this on-point-shade of lilac on the internet as well as within the palette of colours offered by my main nail studio. But the blue made them look on-point. Another reason why I chose blue over green or instead of green this time was because these two rather cold colours would need some warmth in between which lilac kind of provides.

Huge thanks to Thanh Nails for your always kind welcome!

Love, Johanna

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