Summer Essential Linen: Life Cannot Consist Of Work Only

Hello my beloved readership,

here comes another summer essential linen. A cloth everyone is asking for in summer. Heat blocking, light and easily cared on top. Read the story here.

I know, I very well know how you feel about this second part of the title. Also I cannot believe that I would have ever written such a title. I mean, sure, sometimes and lately some times more I was thinking that basically one day once I graduate and once the children would be more independent and once the majorly sleepless nights because of the children not sleeping through the whole amount of my daily to dos would decrease so that I would not jump from one to do to the other but live for the moment, live for myself, have enough power to tender my dearest ones with patience and love and most of all not ask myself constantly “okay, what is next to do now?”. Out of experience I can tell you that constantly living with this question in front of your inner eye will f*ck you up, destroy you and eventually eat you up. It is not for no reason that in this context I was seriously wondering if once I would reach the point to have some now still precious time for myself and time for the moment itself would I even be able to free myself from this question what would be next to do? If yes, how would I feel about it? Furthermore would I succeed the learning process how to free myself from this question and start to actually enjoy what I am doing without feeling about everything as a duty and stressing myself about what is next or later? Forget about time simply.

I saw it from a different point of view recently. In fact the try to call out a pause and actually take it was not actually bad at all (even after a short while I started to have a bad conscience about it). That however meant that apart from me my husband needed to step in, with or without a demand. So not long ago when I was sitting on the couch and pretty much successfully (without any bad feeling) relaxing my husband came in and asked for one to do after the other as I answered about every of his question that it did not need to be done, not need to be done now or was already done. In the end I released him by telling him that life could not consist of work only and asked him to relax. I believe that he could not believe his ears then and then I caught myself. Life can in fact not consist of work only. Once in a while during the day we can just lay back and relax without thinking about anything and free our mind. I realize that we also need this balance in our life without being scared once checking on the time later again. If you have not started yet, start now. The process will need its time.

“[…] why do we not enjoy summer fashion for a little bit longer? It is cold enough all over the year anyway.”


Goodbye with Linen

Summer does not end with the end of August. That is one thing I want to set clear officially and one social mistake I will never join. September may be the month when autumn is starting but the official date is still the 23rd. So there is not reason to scream or celebrate “Hello autumn” on September 1st. You better use this day to pass by and leave me some congratulations on my birthday [winks]. Well, perhaps the only reason people are in the mood for autumn. May probably be the new autumn(/winter) collection that is conquering the catwalks, fashion magazines as well as the shop windows. But the transition between August and September is always summery. Therefore why do we not enjoy summer fashion for a little bit longer? It is cold enough all over the year anyway.

Linen is not only heat resistant but perfectly regulating any kind of climate – hot or cold – so that you cool down in summer yet do not freeze in winter. As a natural substance beside wool and leather linen is a popular cloth not only for high class couture designers such as Liz Malraux, who is a constant topic on this blog, read the last article about her here, but also for traditional folk dresses in Slavic or Baltic regions such as Ukraine or Estonia. Owning such a dress which is called Vyshyvanka (Ukr.: Вишиванка; Rus.: Вышиванка) in the original is one of my big dreams. But for now I am satisfied with a copy from the European mass market. The deceptive similarity to the Slavic/Baltic traditional dresses (which due to their material, fabrics and value meanwhile reached prizes comparable with designer fashion) was the main reason for me to buy this during the GLAMOUR shopping week in July. Not many shops partnered for this shopping week apart from the typical times in spring (March) and autumn (October). During our trip to Lüneburg the boys were not begrudge me shopping around a little bit. We went there in the first place because one month ahead I had discovered a shop which sells a good which the boys freak out for that is rare in Germany and even more expensive on the internet. The discovery was a true lucky accident just like this dress was a lucky catch. I wanted to give it a chance to find something during this shopping week because I never leave out to buy the GLAMOUR magazine when the shopping card is included and this was the only item I found and was willing to pay more than I usually would.

The summer essential linen based on a dress and a look built-up around it.
The summer essential linen based on a dress and a look built-up around it.
The summer essential linen based on a dress and a look built-up around it.
The summer essential linen based on a dress and a look built-up around it.
The summer essential linen based on a dress and a look built-up around it.

My Look in Details

Raphael dressed in H&M kids.

Love, Johanna

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  1. […] Oh… I really cannot see this massive overload of soft pink when it comes to baby parties for girls. What is certainly more ridiculous are mothers who are themselves up in soft pink from head to toe as if they would be the baby girls themselves. The only thing that would be missing there for them is a dummy in their mouths… seriously! I really would not want my daughter to look at the photos of her baby shower party twelve to 21 years later and be completely ashamed of me. So the girlish dream of the princess in pink that is all very well, but let us be honest we do not know how our daughters will develop and would it be not better to be strong ideals for them as tough women already when they are lying right underneath our heart? We already are very much branded during pregnancy as well as fragile. There we do not need additional fragility. Therefore I have added demonstrative a purple to my pink nail art to match the decoration on point. You can see my outfit for the occasion on my article about the linen trend here. […]


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