Batik & Knit: No Regrets

Hello my beloved readership,

a summer without the batik trend would be like a summer without the Holi Festival of Colours. This year batik touches knit check it out here.

If someone asked me whether I had any regrets I would clearly answer no. Not because I have never done any mistakes or because I consider all my actions at any time as correct or right but because with all the mistakes and all the reviewed “I-should-have…” actions I became who I am. They brought me where I am today and no matter how hurtful, embarrassing or unforgivable they might seem in the first place to me I stand to them confidently and proud.

Moreover thanks to some good spirits I learned that if you reject your questionable – I do not want to say bad – actions it is like you would reject yourself. Whether or not your actions happened by ambition or in the heat of the moment they are a part of you.

Finally I admit that ever since I have decided to become independent and not let certain people affect my decisions and plans I often find myself in the situation where I wonder “Oh f*ck, did we really do the right thing there?”. Especially when things don’t go fluently or obstacles appear at a certain point. But there I always have a my partner in crime by my side to support me and give me halt. This partner tells me that there is nothing wrong and that everything is going to be alright. I myself do believe it, especially because I have no other choice as the action is already ongoing and there is no way back but only the way to complete it.

One more thing: May you also belong to the people who regret to have done or given things to people who in the end did not deserve it at all? Spare your energies and do not mourn after these gestures of yours. Even if you might not be religious let me assure you that God (or let it be stirrings of life) will reward you for your general kindness, commitment and generosity – the love you gave regardless anything.

“Chicken or egg, what was there first? (…) The common good taste!”


Second Row Match with Vanilla Ninja

Even if the dress is not the leading item I still resemble this style with that of the ladies from Vanilla Ninja. Chicken or egg, what was there first? (Meaning who has first worn the style). The common good taste! Batik and Holi (a festival taking place in Hamburg) belong to to summer just like a white dress or rather a white t-shirt which is the main item of the Holi dress-code so that the colours sprayed at you are best visible on your clothes which pretty much become something like a souvenir of your visit. The ladies from Vanilla Ninja have perfectly recognized that for their summer music video which may have been different but epic! For what concerns myself I have pretty much built up my look based on the cardigan as trend item with the sneakers having blue details, eye-shadow and jewelry. In order to bring a balance I have added white which I had taken up from the sneakers.

It is not the first time Vanilla Ninja and I have a stylish match. In February I have worn a style in cream and white which the ladies have worn for their comeback promotion shooting. These icons can be trendy as well as timeless and perfectly deserve the main attraction or rather source of inspiration of this article.

Batik and knit combined with white sneakers and a white dress.
Batik and knit combined with white sneakers and a white dress.
Batik and knit combined with white sneakers and a white dress.
Batik and knit combined with white sneakers and a white dress.
Batik and knit combined with white sneakers and a white dress.

My Look In Details

…and because it was so wonderful enjoy the music video “No Regrets” by Vanilla Ninja:

Love, Johanna

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  1. […] “The good old times“, as everyone keeps always stating. But were they really as good? Or was it because we were younger and more carefree? As an adult and parent I cannot really approve the argument that the times were better because you always have the same causes of headache at every timeline or as my grandmother keeps saying: each time has its very own hardship. Whether I would wish to be young again? Not really. People may sing songs about youth and carefreeness but it was a really hard and long process to become who I am now and I like what I have produced. Furthermore I want to use the word proud in this context. Besides from that certain factors of my socialisation I would not wish back (which does not mean that I regret them as I have explained in my previous article here). […]


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