Collage & Chains: Family Of Choice

Hello my beloved readers,

one comes from the VOGUE, the other one was a pick by GLAMOUR and both gather the head topic taken up in a third magazine. Like this the college-style with the trend items ballerinas, and hoodies – a mix of street-style and sporty chic – and chains-trend become a family of choice.

The April issue of the German giant among the international fashion magazines VOGUE takes up a topic that does deep into the heart: LOVE, moreover FAMILY. But other than the widely spread misleading thought that family would exclusively be about blood and genes in more than 100 pages the magazine is proving us a different, more modern and plausible definition of this term. Is a house really a home when your loved ones are gone? Do you need any enemies when you have toxic blood relatives who are not thinking about you for one moment and keep destroying you or what you are holding dear? Friendship is certainly uncertain but worse is the hurtful realization with family members. How often could you forgive and how much could you sacrifice yourself justifying them? It is not necessary to give a final answer to these questions worth a whole debate. You will doubtlessly feel when your feelings, effort and gestures are returned.

Family OF CHOICE is the keyword here. A family you create on your own with complete strangers at the first sight that become closer to you at the second sight than probably people who have been accompanying you for your entire life. They cherish you, they are thinking of you even without your active presence, they adopt your culture and habits and share theirs with you, they share your ideals, they respect your values and they are there to build you up and bring you further in the most authentic way. [And here comes the hurtful part]: just like you would wish it from your blood relatives. If you feel the duty to stay attached to certain people just because on some kind of a paper you are officially connected whereas these people are no good for you whereas some others are absolutely dedicated to you on their own will do not harm yourself by forcing yourself to take party for the toxic side. A real family and home is a different mix in harmony that is in the first place a matter of feelings and attitudes and not any reproduceable connection and duty. The connection and dedication will come on its own once the base is set – in good and hard times.

“…could not be more different from each other yet share the love for one and the same.”


College-Style: A Mix of Street-Style & Sporty Chic

The college style is defined by hoodies and a mix of street-style and sporty chic. What must not miss here is a very cool statement t-shirt that underlines the whole. Matching my chain jewelry I have chosen my Hamburg t-shirt bought by my mother as she considered it a must-have. What is most accurate about it is its golden decoration and rhinestones. I usually do not wear it often – do not ask me why – probably because it don’t want to ruin it but otherwise it would just rot in your closet whereas clothes are to be worn. This year the GLAMOUR magazine is very much taking up the topic of sustainability just like every big designer such as Liz Malraux does in the fastest-living industry of fashion. One thing this call activated in me is to bring out my clothes which are not necessarily my first and frequent choice and wear them for a change. Otherwise it would be pointless to keep and keep on investing on more clothes to extend my collection with hitting items as I often do during every shopping week.

Chain Jewelry: Gangsta’s Paradise & Rock Essentials

Also the chain jewelry by itself is a patchwork-item. Like this it is popular among gangstas as well as a basic essential for rockers that both could not be more different from each other yet share the love for one and the same. If both would also be connected to each other by this love? It remains a mystery for everyone of us but at least we can be sure that sharing the love for one and the same thing would make people coexist peacefully beside each other on one and the same place. Personally I experience that thus this massive difference these two extremes are not averse to each other. Also I love wearing these chain jewelry feeling gangsta as well as rocky – unapproachable anyway – at one and the same time depending on the situation as both gather coolness in their way.

College-style combined with chain-jewelry.
College-style combined with chain-jewelry.
College-style combined with chain-jewelry.
College-style combined with chain-jewelry.
College-style combined with chain-jewelry.
College-style combined with chain-jewelry.
You cannot always choose your family, but apparently you do not necessarily need to.

My Look in Details

Love, Johanna

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