Eurovision Song Contest Semi-Final 2: Impressions

Hello Europe!

On Thursday May 20th, the semi-final 2 of the Eurovision Song Contest took place in Rotterdam. Many sad news reached us but also happy ones. Read the impressions here.

As I have already reported about the semi-final 1, for the sake of science and accompanied by scientists the Dutch government allows the contest to take place normally with public. Additional rules that are allowed is among others that recorded background vocals are allowed so that it gets avoid that too many people are on stage. So one act from the semi-final 1 was criticised by the German spokesman Peter Urban because six people (as basically allowed) were on stage but only one was singing. Personally I feel about this criticism to be unnecessary and misplaced because you can as well exaggerate it with the whole Corona-issue. If these people belong to the performance then let them be on stage. They are tested anyway so why additionally ask distance?

Talking about tests ahead of the semi-final 2 it was revealed that the present winner Duncan Laurence, who had won an award for one billion views on Tuesday was tested positive. Therefore he will not be able to perform on Saturday and pass on the legendary trophy. We share his sadness and wish him strength and that the sickness passes by him as slightly as possible. Unfortunately the Icelandic delegation was also tested positive on Thursday which is why they could not perform live. Instead they had an as equally good rehearsal performance to deliver. For the rehearsals of the semi-final 2 Queen Máxima honored the contest with her presence. Something else that I have to praise is that other than in the German Bundestag (parlament) or Prince Philips funeral the people in Rotterdam did not (have to) wear masks as symbol-politics or wrong propaganda that a mask is necessary everywhere and every time. This is the ideal to be.

“Today is one of the saddest days of my life. Not being able to walk onto the stage Saturday, perform live for you, feel the audience and celebrate this beautiful moment together…remembering where it all started and showing you where I’m taking my musical journey next. I’ve never felt this powerless before.”

Duncan Laurence, Instagram

The hosts looked brilliant once again and shining in their very night wardrobe but this time it stood out how tall the host Nikkie actually is. And indeed with a height of 1,90 m she is unusually tall for women conditions. As a vlogger (someone who has a video-diary on YouTube) she integrated kind of a vlog in the show. She delivered it in a very lovely way but as you know me I am that kind of person who does not like these new modern – especially influencer – stuff. It was already pretty much a struggle for me to seven years ago accept the slogan with the #JoinUs. Therefore I hope these Eurovision vlogs will not continue.

Here you go now with the acts of the night: Running number, interpret, song and opinion:

Eurovision Semi-Final 2 Acts: Review

  1. San Marino – Senit feat. FloRida “Adrenalina”: A change like day and night compared to her performance ten years ago. Rhythmic, strong… a perfect song to start into the second semi-final. The biggest surprise was the US-American rapper FloRida. The stage was so colourful that everything on the whole were literally screaming the title. Simply great!
  2. Estonia – Uku Suviste “The Lucky One”: Sexiest man of Estonia (as entitled), indeed! The stormy stage reminded me a lot of the one of his predecessor Victor Crome. Uku has a great voice with a simply flawless English. The song was okay but yet taking one with him on his road.
  3. Czech Republic – Benny Cristo “Omaga”: A funky cool song sung by a hip guy. Very catchy and embracing.
  4. Greece – Stefania “Last Dance”: A blonde wearing purple glitter – I love it! I could steal her outfit! Miss Best Dressed was thus her 18 years a serious power woman on stage. The stage with the (partly) invisible men was so cool, refined and genius! On top she has a great voice.
  5. Austria – Vincent Bueno “Amen”: His jacket was definitely cool! The song was okay but rather boring.
  6. Poland – Rafał “The Ride”: This boy gained my sympathy because his name is almost like my son’s! He has a cool, impressive voice as well as disco stage. With the sunglasses up at night it was a cool performance – simply funky and great!
  7. Moldova – Natalia Gordienko “Sugar”: Another sexy performance full of dance. She has a weird voice which was only working during the chorus. On the whole it was funky but the song was only okay.
  8. Iceland – Daði & Gagnamagnið “10 Years”: It was sad that they could not be live on stage. Their staging funky. They have that special something. They may seem like weirdos at the first sight but they were colourful and memorable.
  9. Serbia – Hurricane “Loco Loco”: Three hurricanes, literally. The Serbian Destiny’s Child or Kardashian sisters were wild, sexy women with a very powerful song!
  10. Georgia – Tornike Kipiani “You”: It was simply bad luck that this great song came right after a song and performance such as “Loco Loco”. Because it gets not properly heard now. This man has a strong voice with a clean good song.
  11. Albania – Anxhela Peristeri “Karma”: Her introducing pose with the red stage reminded me of Eleni Foureira’s performance. Albania once again delivered a song that is taking itself too serious. She was a like a strong amazone but neither her glittery outfit, nor her kind smile matched the serious song or stage.
  12. Portugal – The Black Mamba “Love Is On My Side”: Oh they are so cool in their old school style! Typical Portuguese romance in the song. I imagined some other kind of chorus but it was well anyway because with their song they were telling a story on a beautiful stage.
  13. Bulgaria – Victoria “Growing Up Is Getting Old”: Great title! I would have not chosen it any differently. A very adorable stage with a matching voice. Her whole performance was so great that I could cry – especially because of the photo of her and her heavily sick father. A wonderful girl with a sweet song. She was like the protagonist of a Disney movie.
  14. Finland – Blind Channel “Dark Side”: Oh a rock song for a change of the show but not for Finland. A strong honest rock song which I very much liked!
  15. Latvia – Samanta Tina “The Moon Is Rising”: Another amazon on the stage with beautiful green outfits that were emeralds in my eyes. A strong song on a breath-taking stage!
  16. Switzerland – Gjon’s Tears “Tout L’Univers”: Too silent and boring.
  17. Denmark – Fyr og Flamme “Øve os på hinanden”: A funny folk song with a funky colourful stage.
Eurovision Song Contest semi-final 2 impressions hosts
Source: Screenshot / YouTube

My personal favorites to pass were:

  1. San Marino
  2. Estonia
  3. Czech Republic
  4. Greece
  5. Poland
  6. Serbia
  7. Georgia
  8. Portugal
  9. Bulgaria
  10. Latvia
  11. (Finland)

The five countries passing instead were Moldova, Iceland, Albania, Finland and Switzerland. I do not understand why Albania is passing to the Grand Final year by year – I personally suspect political reasons which is unnecessary. Moldova probably passed thanks to Filip Kirkorov (the once again nation traitor) who has an awful new style with his light hair. He has always been extravagant but his new style is a no-go.

And now let us look forward to to the Grand Final on Saturday night. Reach out to the live stream here.

Love, Johanna

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