Maxi-Trend: The Instagram-Column

Dear readers,

a summer without maxi-dresses? Inconceivable! On top of the maxi-trend there are added long sleeves inspired by the Kopenhagen fashion-week.

Today posted on Instagram, tomorrow uploaded on a fan-site. Some people are like this, claiming anything for themselves without even having an idea. Therefore I would like to dedicate my today’s column to the Instagram-culture.

Fact 1

Have you realized that Instagram does not allow you to save photos (not even your own – except from when you edit them and a copy is saved in your photos) generally the commonly known copy+save way?

Fact 2

Did you know that when people post stories these are meant to disappear after 24 hours (if person posting does not delete the story earlier) and whether you follow them or not, stories can be restricted to certain single people? Sure, stories are saved in your archive if you have not set them to be automatically saved in your photo gallery and you can preserve selected stories in categories on your profile but even them they are displayed only for 30 seconds. Then you would need to click them again. In case you did not know, when you as author click on your story and swipe up you can see when clicked on your story (and saw it).

Fact 3

Do you understand that when a person does not share names, faces, tags profiles, etc. you do not necessarily have to examine this person’s whole profile to get this hidden information and furthermore share it or invite others to follow your bad example?

Last fact

Can you imagine that there is a very good and legit reason for everything named above?!

I am not going to reveal any names. The person meant was already addressed directly and I deeply hope that this person is going to stop and not have the personal ego standing in the way because once this comes out the problems will be way huge.

It is really bottomless and disgusting what some fans are allowing themselves to portray themselves as number one fans towards the community and this is what they are. Fans, no more, probably less, once their star gets devastated by them. A status on Facebook does not necessarily mark people as friends if you do not do corresponding activities together.

I am saying this as mother, family member and friend. Not everyone shares your degree of privacy. Some have a more sensitive sense of privacy and some are more relaxed towards that. But the author of a certain content is the only one who decides where their photos are shared. Posting something does not give some one else the authorization to repost this somewhere else. Yes, you can use the post (if this a public account) as embeds – this is what Instagram allows – but even then then once the content is removed, it is not visible anymore. Of course you can claim that there is the possibility of taking screenshots. But beware! Screenshots are a grey area. If no one can reach you by law then interpersonal for inappropriate use of sensitive material. You can lose the sympathy of a person you idolize and that hurts. Especially if once you were already blocked by this person and especially if you know that this person and their kind puts high value on privacy. It is no surprise that more people are preferredly posting things on Instagram rather than on Facebook where things can be saved.

All I want to say it. Do not follow this bad example portrayed above! None of us wants to be punished for other people’s bad actions, blindness, megalomania or simply stupidity that is a result of lack of understanding because one self is not in the situation to feel the person’s position. The punishment would be that we all would have to go without the material we basically enjoy once it is not posted any longer. Since there are such cases I would really welcome a function as SnapChat had it that you receive a notification once a person takes a screenshot of your story. Because not always we have the resources to check what happens where in this wide field of internet.

And if you now think I am just trying to be superior again, first: get out of this blog and secondly, no! I know what I am talking about because I was schooled in this as journalist for the MuK-Blog. According to the law you are not allowed to use celebrity photos for commercial use if you are not authorized for the use.

“[…] admitting that one’s own behavior or actions are wrong is like a defeat towards this person.”

Johanna from Fall4Me

Trend: Wide Maxi Dress

The maxi-trend with long sleeves is a Nordic inspired trend from the Copenhagen fashion week. While maxi-dresses make a girlish dream come true maxi-problems, let us use this as a term for taking mistakes too far and making a problem expand because of this, can cause a real catastrophe and turn a dreamworld to a nightmare. In their false pride people are not willing to listen to good advises because admitting that one’s own behavior or actions are wrong is like a defeat towards this person – especially when we do not like this person or feel of that one superior anyway the pain would be even worse. I will get back to this separately. Anyway, sometimes we should put up with a little or the first defeat before the mess might be bigger. For what concerns me, I can only give the hint what others make of it is their business but I would not mention it if I did not know what I am talking about.

A wide maxi trend dress with polka dots combined in black and white with red lips.
A wide maxi trend dress with polka dots combined in black and white with red lips.
A wide maxi trend dress with polka dots combined in black and white with red lips.
A wide maxi trend dress with polka dots combined in black and white with red lips.
A wide maxi trend dress with polka dots combined in black and white with red lips.

My Look in Details

Love, Johanna

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