Monochrome Tone in Tone: Love?

Hello my beloved readership,

monochrome tone in tone – the style inspired by Duchess Catherine is conquering spring style. The way the shades belong together is the way to love.

When one who busted it all up comes up irrationally all of a sudden claiming that it loves a certain person like only one of this person’s kind could… bring me a bucket because this is making me sick! When people who are not able to love talk about love… this is as stupid as the people who talk about family but do not even understand the real meaning and the value of family! Yes, this is driving me insane! Do I really have to have mercy with such people, limit myself in my living and relationships only so that they feel comfortable? No. Never! And you also should not, never!

“Imagine how you would feel if…”, man, no! This is not going to happen, never! Neither with me nor with the person who tried to make me have compassion. Because we are not (let me mention it clearly at this point) egoistic like this! Everything that happened is only the fault of that one person and I feel no mercy to publicly ask how many more lives this person still wants to destroy (or at least try to because luckily most of the people found the save escape in time)?!

This accident to the world is not going to be the last or only one of its kind that is why I want to entrust you this. It is not like a bad experience with a bad person makes us less compassionate or a bad person but you have the right to know it better and act accordingly. I would vouch for this never going to happen to me or my fellows because I know what love is as well as what family is! Love is not measured by its mention but your behaviour towards the person whom you make a claim to love. If you love a person truly then you are willing and going to accept everything that this person unites in and around it. This is love. Simple as that!

Trend Style Inspired by Duchess Catherine

How does the Duchess of Cambridge manage to always look this flawlessly elegant? The answer is simple and clear: except from her magnificent enchanting smile she strictly sticks to the tones of the same color-family even in the very details of tights, accessories and in times of the mask-duty even the mask. Her main contrast is built by nude tones or very discreet colors. Never have we loved her style this much before even though one of my personal idols and style-inspirations is a constant trend-setter with nearly every public appearance she makes even without lavishly done hair which keeps her styles suitable for everyday life and down to earth. Her monochrome tone in tone style is a perfect match for today’s life thinking because it perfectly portrays the love described above: one belongs together in a whole in different ways.

I have met many people who still are not convinced of monochrome tone in tone but before the Duchess my mother taught me about the precious value of that as she taught me many precious things about interpersonal relationships and ideals. The selflessness this love is holding is the one and only real love a mother could and should feel. A real mother will agree.

Here you can see my previous monochrome tone in tone style in yellow.

Home office style monochrome tone in tone
Home office style monochrome tone in tone
Home office style monochrome tone in tone
Home office style monochrome tone in tone
Home office style monochrome tone in tone

My Look in Details

Love, Johanna

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