Dreamy Nature: Do Not Give Up

Hello my beloved readership,

the dreamy nature describes the soft colors of nature. Standing out especially with that are the trend colors sage green and shades of cream and beige combined with pastels.

“Giving up is not included in my vocabulary!”, JY

One of these quotes that were once heard but have left their traces forever. This is the fighting-spirit point-of-view, which you should never let go off anyway, to not give up. But there is another point-of-view to not give up. A calm one. This is the one I want to refer to.

I know I am not the only one who experiences sad times but I have become quite an ideal with my attitude. So people happen to ask me, how do I keep going and not losing motivation thus things not going completely round or some things for the fulfillment are missing. The answer is not easy but clear: Remember what I have told you about tomorrow, literally? Well I maintain that same attitude for generally not giving up (despite the fact that at one point I resisted to give until I was not convinced that something is not achievable). Either it is about a state, a person or a situation. I maintain the mindset that eventually something satisfying about a problem will take place. Let is be the success, the fulfillment, something yet to come to find completion. And in most of these situations it is rather the mindset when the hope is gone that keeps me going.

As a strong believer and sticker to destiny I believe in completion (either or in interruption in case that something is not meant to be and even that is something that has its legitimization but that belongs to another topic). We are all working on something in life and do not rest until we achieve it. And in all of this more important than anything is to remember that you are complete with yourself and not dependent on anyone or anything for the moment.

“Spring trends are like the spring weather itself […]”


Dreamy Nature: Soft Colors of Nature

Spring trends are like the spring weather itself: sometimes they are wild and rough and then they can be soft. But either or spring remains always one and the same thing: the seasons that bounds us strongest to nature. That season that awakens our love towards everything as well towards nature and the season that reminds us of the value of nature.

Trend: Sage green

Sage green is the shade of green that gathers a soft grey-green. Sage is a plant that is known for its healing functions when struggling with physical diseases. It helps especially against a cold which is why it is so popular. This trend is matching as in this opposing spring weather is most likely to make us catch a cold. Thus its dark shade however sage green expresses a calmness which makes it match the dreamy nature.

Trend: Cream/Beige & Pastels

Soft colors of nature.
Soft colors of nature.
Soft colors of nature.
Soft colors of nature.
Soft colors of nature.

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Love, Johanna

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