Color Of The Season: Pink

Hello my beloved readership,

we cannot have enough of pink(!) or… we cannot survive a year without pink. Back, not as strong as fuchsia but also not smooth like soft rose.

We have a trend color, and we all know what that means. It is time for another episode of color symbolism. Get to know the background and meaning of pink.

Pink is probably best and most commonly known in the first place to be the most feminine of all colors – at least in western cultures. Whenever people think of pink they associate cute (little) girls which is why in the first place pink symbolizes cuteness and with that innocence. Not for no reason pink is in the same context known as the color of virginity.

Ancient cultures (such as the Orthodox one or old fashioned cultures such as those in the Asian area) however regard pink as some kind of smaller version of red and purple or rather blue as one shade, that of the holy Godmother Mary. Therefore red or pink used to belong to the male group of the population and everything that is supposed to be masculine as red is a strong signal color. In the westernized world this association changed by 180 degrees. This might have taken place when pink separated from red as independent color. In addition meanwhile the color pink has become the color of homosexuality.

Meanwhile pink symbolizes everything feminine. Along with that nearly all sources on the internet offer pink (beside white) as main theme-color for weddings. (This is a good occasion to add the trend color with two more corresponding trends as you will see below).

Pink occurs out of a mix of white and red. Therefore it gathers the attitudes of both colors in itself – as above described – the (childish/girly) innocence on the one hand and on the other hand the seductive sensuality of women (which is a result purity and innocence as well as energy and passion).

Depending on its shade pink can be elegant, to playful or even crazy. The cosmetics as well as toy industry uses the effect of pink to attract their target-group.

In Asian cultures such as Korea pink stands for trust. Men mainly wear a shade of old rose as their color.

“Pink in 2021 is worn in a color gradient.”


How to… Pink 2021

Pink in 2021 is worn in a color gradient. Starting in its pure shade with soft pink as transition ending at white. Either from top to bottom or from bottom to top. It is up to you and whatever you have to combine – if you are limited in your options and items in pink like me for example. Like this the whole trend is smoothed down suitable for spring and not so gaudy or fancy as it would be as summer trend, when all colors reach their high point of strength. We remember when fuchsia – the strongest shade of pink was a runner up trend for (late) summer. You can check my look out once again here.

Trend: Floral Jacket

Gucci showed us already in autumn of last year and here it is: the it-kind of jacket of the season, a white base with flowers in shades of green and pink. You have already seen this jacket within this season when it was about the “Time To Blossom”-flower trend here. The ideal would be such kind of jacket replacing every jacket else for the outdoor jacket but in case it is too cold as it happens to be as I told you in my previous article here it perfectly serves as jacket in between to complete the indoor style.

Trend: Low Knot

A trend that the fashion magazine GLAMOUR had detected in their so called “Glamourama” (a composition of their magazine’s name GLAMOUR and panorama as description of what is new). The bun has moved lower, top be more precise at the lowest point of the head. No matter if up or down, messy or strictly clean. I still prefer to fix it with a scrunchy. This hairstyle which is popular among brides too makes us feel as such – feminine, playful, romantic – in the season when our feelings for love blossom out.

Pink combined in different shades and floral prints.
Pink combined in different shades and floral prints.
Pink combined in different shades and floral prints.
Pink combined in different shades and floral prints.
Pink combined in different shades and floral prints.

My Look in Details

Love, Johanna

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