Fringes & Big Floral Colorful Silk Scarves: On The Basis

Hello by beloved readership,

fringes never get out of fashion – at least not lately – see here how to combine them in the 2021 spring version with another big spring trend.

Whether in series on television or in real life once in a time you might find yourself in the situation that you sense danger, a threat, your regular peace disturbance by (let us minimize the factor) someone but nearly everyone else – except from probably one person as famous exception of the rule – refuses to share your point of view while the situation tends to get worse. Destructively worse – as it moves further, for you, that even the angel on earth becomes a monster in the eyes of everyone. The seriousness of a situation just gets realized when it is too late. The moment when a huge damage took place. Often not even the advice of a second person to the many helps – especially when some others do not want admit towards the someone else that they are in favor of the actual victim (more about that in another post). Therefore I want to dedicate this article clearing up that things that might seem without a ground are in fact based on a ground.

You cannot just call somebody a thief because this person took something into their hands and for example looked to the exit. The same way life taught us that it happens to often that an assumption is unresolved an innocent person gets punished for bad. Of course it is legit to properly check on accuses before acting or taking party (because if you stay neutral in times of injustice you are choosing the side of the offender) but a slight ground or a ground based on intuitions or premonition is also a ground. People are individual and sometimes a person can notice something (a behavior, a tone of speech or something else) which another person does not or does not want to notice. Not for no reason our justice system basically always checks on every note they receive (even though they would need to be open to realize that sometimes people just want to do some others bad (but that is that for now).

“[…] fringes never come as singles […]”


Trend: Fringes

Is a trend a new trend when it has been just two seasons ago (read about it here) that it was celebrated? Why not!? Even though with the second it-piece it resembles the previous style pretty much it does differ with its western style and the infamous hat that made people close to me jokingly ask where I have left my horse (LOL). But you see, fringes never come as singles – so do stories not, every story is based on another story and every ground based on a behavior… They also do not appear completely different from one another on one item. But they can bear different shapes yet suit together as a whole combination. Viva los fringes! Especially in the warm seasons we enjoy carefreeness, fun and celebration. This we show in fashion by letting out the inner hippy. In addition in the cold transition time of spring we need the onion-style number two to put them on when the sun is hiding and to dress off as the sun goes out in order not to catch a cold between this and our allergies.

Trend: Big Colorful Floral Silk Scarves

We may not necessarily wrap ourselves in the super thick cashmere-wool-knit scarves any longer but in fresh springs (especially still snowy Aprils) I would recommend everyone to not go without a scarf. How quickly can we catch a cold or angina because we let ourselves get tricked by the sun whereas it was cold outside. My alternative between either the whole or nothing and all time favorite is my trademark. The prominently big colorful silk scarves with flowers on it which are usually parts of traditional Slavic/Baltic clothing or worn in different colors for different events in church. There you can get the original scarves in silk fabrics. Here I remember a funny story at my first times at s.Oliver: So it was during wintertime and I was wearing all black but I wanted to include a piece of color, so I thought an average floral scarf would be okay as everyone follows the flower trend at least for spring. My boss approached me asked me to take it off as it is too prominent and obvious that it is not from that label even if they were just flowers. These items express an extra touch of beauty.

Fringes worn in the western style with a big floral colorful silk scarf.
Fringes worn in the western style with a big floral colorful silk scarf.
Fringes worn in the western style with a big floral colorful silk scarf.
Fringes worn in the western style with a big floral colorful silk scarf.
Fringes worn in the western style with a big floral colorful silk scarf.

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Love, Johanna

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