Athleisure 2.0 – Your Fight

Hello my beloved readership,

revival with Athleisure 2.0: instead of sporty the elegance goes casual this season and can be perfectly matched with two other trends. Check them here.

Today it is a complaint, tomorrow it is going to be the fight of your life. It is like that so always remember: life is a fight but you will come out as a winner. The direction is not further, the direction is not higher – which are two essential mantras for sports – the aim is not victory itself, the goal is the way: survival of the fittest. I am surely not one of those horrible senior citizens who have nothing else to do than terrorizing younger and foreign people and God knows I do not want to become one of those embarrassing parents that fight with everyone about every little thing but in times of shutdowns at every cost, when the possibility of following your regular job as usual is a blessing it could be asked that those people can actually try to do their job properly and well.

It was not to torture people unnecessarily but it was about the principle and I was ready to go for broke. Not at last because I have got too far to give up now but connected with that because of the attitude that once I have started a war I was to bring it to an end and not let my opponent win over me because this person wanted to mess up with me as I have started a complaint about it – especially not because I was right, I always am, otherwise I would not start these wars (even if war sounds worse now than the state actually is). I am ready to thank, ready to ask for forgiveness once I do a mistake, I tolerate human natural behavior such as losing oneself within an affection and I am the last one to accept an honest apology but, my people, always remember: togetherness is a nice idea(l) but sometimes you do have to open your mouth for justice not matter how hurtful it might be and as we learn to eat our plates empty make sure to fight your fight until the end once you have started it or even if you have been challenged.

“[…] self-confidence about everything it stands behind firmly.”


Trend: Athleisure – Casual Elegance

Compared to its pioneer Athleisure 2.0 is way more casual than sporty even though the aspect of elegance remains. Elegance (which often comes along with nobleness) always symbolizes some kind of higher level the person expressing it finds itself on. Even if this person does not do it to prove superiority in a mean way but self-confidence about everything it stands behind firmly. One of these things may be the certainty to see a fight through. What I especially love about Athleisure in general is the elegant note it contains which is not too strict but rather playful. It is not like breaking an elegant dress-up style with misplaced rough sneakers but the smooth interim which is going throughout the whole look. Sometimes you want to look completely fair but items such as a blouse are not easily cared as well as brocade for example which needs an extra treatment. With Athleisure you still look completely dressed up but not necessarily for special events but for everyday life.

Trend: Statement Collar

The alternative to the little boy collar is a statement collar in a clean style where you would not necessarily need a collar. As I once stated, I do not follow every trend because doing so is not having a personal style just like throwing everything you find in the front row shop-windows is not fashionable. Make a statement. Confidently express that a certain trend or style is not for you because it will not underline your personality so that you will not feel comfortable with it. Nonetheless I am happy therefore that the catwalks offer us alternatives so that in case you want to try a trend still you have more options. In this case a statement collar perfectly fits to the casually elegant Athleisure 2.0 trend.

Shoe Trend: Loafers

Either you love these shoes or you hate them because they looked awfully old-fashioned to you on your mother’s feet – especially when these are the shoes your father mainly wears: loafers or rather moccasins. But since the 2000s we have learned that good old fashion celebrates a fancy revival and it revives fancier than ever. Especially when our favorite big designer labels such as for example Tommy Hilfiger (which is how I have found my way to my first moccasins) offer trendy items adapted to the trademark style of their label we do find liking to them. Apart from that as we grow we we learn to cherish our parents’ favorite items as they happen to be comfortable in the first place. Elegance and comfort, the perfect completion to an Atheleisure style.

Casual elegance with mocassins, a statement collar and a comfortable dress.
Casual elegance with mocassins, a statement collar and a comfortable dress.
Casual elegance with mocassins, a statement collar and a comfortable dress.
Casual elegance with mocassins, a statement collar and a comfortable dress.
Casual elegance with mocassins, a statement collar and a comfortable dress.

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Love, Johanna

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