Yellow In All Shades: About Tomorrow

Hello my beloved readership,

yellow in all shades has been one of the very first announced spring trends of the year which is why it gets launched even before the actual beginning of the season. Check it out below.

Ever since I became a mother continuous stress has been on my agenda permanently. My highest goal and biggest desire kind of became to spend a whole day in bed sleeping. Now with the master studies and exam-phase even more and if then something unplanned takes over it gives you the rest. Because once time has been running it is unstoppable and it scares the hell out of me how fast it can keep running if I think how much I would need to do until a certain period of time. You hardly have not finished your agenda then the next one already follows. There seems to be no end. But be certain of one thing: parents do never take a day off. Parents take other uplifting remedies.

One of that may be motivation coaching: “today is going to be a good day” or “tomorrow will be better” are not just empty sentences said. According to experts they are the first lecture of motivation coaching and if you repeat them again and again these words can have a big positive impact on you and you dealing with your fellows.

“Tomorrow will be better” is the flow according to which I am moving. In my stressful and busy everyday life in which the one or other doubt or thought of giving up creeps in it gives me hope and energy to keep going and be hard-working for the day yet stay healthy and not break down.

“There is no more natural vitamin D to receive.”


Yellow: The Rays of Sun worn

Talking about health would you like to know what was it that kept me healthy and vital within the mean and reckless cold winds of late February even though I was aware that I let myself be tricked by the sun having been dressed too light again and again? Yes, the sun itself, furthermore the rays of sun that came through all the cold and touched me with their warmth. There is no more natural vitamin D to receive. The vitamin that strengthens our bones, growth and immune system. Whenever you are looking for a cure look for the sun. It is the one – even if green is rather the color of health and medicine yellow promises to bear a throughout positive impact being equal to green at a rather mental level.

Even worn shades of yellow promise to not only be an impressive eye-catcher but furthermore have an enchanting impact on the viewers therefore you are allowed and invited to use all kinds of yellow you find so as well in your jewellery in yellow-gold and in make-up with yellow eye-shadow or lipstick (if that however would be a touch too much for you stick to natural make-up. Yellow in all shades does not want any other additional color, especially not a non-natural one. It wants to take over you and bring you healthy feelings of joy.

A look completely but in different shades of yellow.
A look completely but in different shades of yellow.
A look completely but in different shades of yellow.
A look completely but in different shades of yellow.
A look completely but in different shades of yellow.

My Look in Details

Love, Johanna


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