Interview With Mari Martin: “Tallinn Dolls is a playful designer brand.”

Tere kallid sÔbrad and hello dear friends,

on behalf of the 103rd Independence Day of the Baltic state Estonia I have interviewed Mari Martin, the chief designer of the famous Estonian luxury brand Tallinn Dolls [in the following shortened to TD]. In the interview she introduces the brand, talks about the value of Estonian fashion and refers to the worldwide Corona-crisis.

Fall4Me: Dear Mari, I feel very honored and happy to talk with you today. First of all I would like to know: How did the Tallinn Dolls label come to life and what was the idea behind it?
Mari Martin: We planned to create a brand that is representing feminin style with character. Modern and functional clothes that have still a pinch of girly touch in them. Just to remember not to take life and Yourself too seriously and god damn, lets have fun in life. 🙂

What is the message the Doll label is to deliver to the (potential) customers?
Tallinn Dolls is a playful designer brand. Our magic recipe is:
A little bit of courage
100g of elegance
Killer amount of style
Pinch of spice

Clothes with character!

Besides design we also value functionality and how the clothes are made to minimize the footprint.
That is why we promote pre sales so that each product is made to customer and no over stock is ever created.

Our products are created in our factory in Estonia to ensure the best quality of workmanship as well as the materials.

The Tallinn Dolls‘ characteristic trademark is the bow. Why a bow? What does it stand for?
It stands for playful! Feminin style with character.

In how far does the Tallinn Dolls label also represent its country of origin Estonia?
Our heritage is in between Russia and Scandinavia and I think You could find unique combination of both in our collection. We still value feminin touch but in a bit more minimal style.

[…] it is always better to stand out […]”

Mari Martin

How much is Tallinn Dolls affected by the Corona-crisis could you portray the everyday-life situation in Estonia? And how is the Doll label dealing with it?
Life is hectic and changing like everywhere, also in Estonia.
But for Tallinn Dolls, flexibility is our key strength. That is why we use pre order campaigns so that we can very quickly respond to changes in demand. We are able to launch new products fast in sustainable way. And that was very useful for corona and that is how we survived and even grew. I hope that some of the changes corona brought this industry will help to make the whole industry a bit more sustainable.

As many other brands meanwhile also you are offering the opportunity of online shopping and ship to various big countries such as Germany. How strongly is your label represented in countries outside Estonia and in what way is it represented?
We are now starting to explore new markets. And Germany would be one of the first ones to explore:)

The readers of this blog cherish style, culture and variety. What would the chief designer of an Estonian luxury brand like to tell them?
I would always say that do not take fashion too seriously and have fun with it. I think it is always better to stand out and have a character or little extra rather than following the mass.

Huge thanks to Mari Martin for this kind and lovely interview.

Tallinn Dolls also known als Dolllabel or TD has been dressing its native celebrities ever since for the celebration of Estonian Independence, big shows such as the Eesti Laul (Estonian pre-election for Eurovision) and many more. If this interview awoke your interest follow Tallinn Dolls on Instagram or Facebook and visit their online shop.

Tallinn Dolls t-shirts for the whole family.
Tallinn Dolls is a label that is covering up collections for women as well as for men and children.
The famous Russian animation Cheburashka included in a t-shirt series by TD.
The famous Russian animation “Cheburashka” taken up in one of the t-shirt series of the Tallinn Dolls

Love, Johanna

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