Soft Retro: Start Lower

Hello my beloved readership,

the year begins throughout purity and a whole lot of nostalgia in combination we get a soft retro, take a step back and start lower.

We all have our smaller or bigger struggles in everyday life. Something is always there even if we do not show it. This is what has been lying deep inside me throughout this time. Of course, there is worse to complain about – or let us say it is not necessarily something to complain about depending on the individual point-of-view but in my case it happens to be a burden for me personally for which I do not and do not want to find or have an excuse.

Whether you are looking for a fulfilling job after your graduation (or meanwhile a job at all) or the love of your life (now that I am thinking of it) single things are not standing there already perfect on their own waiting to be picked. They need to be made perfect, or rather they become perfect. But first you need to be open for the raw diamond.

The more I approached graduation (back then in times of my bachelor) the more I was looking forward to a huge achievement. I know that I wanted to take on my master-degree and study journalism, communication or let it be media as above field and fulfill myself one of my big dreams with that but I was already waving goodbye to one unrecognized student-job after the other, saying hello to a profession where I am treated like a fully adequate member and inventing a personal masterplan up to the smallest detail. But reality caught me up faster than a rocket. I had to learn that a university-graduation was not the carte blanche to the job of my dreams and even also not the trust in my own qualities. Corona took over? Am I secretly yet obviously discriminated as a married mother with a child? Am I too young? Is it not possible to study and work full time (I want to give an answer to this question particularly, it IS!)? I can ask on many questions like these and I would lie if I would say that at times I was not stressed (as the mildest state of feelings) embittered or even desperate when I tried everything but at times failed close to the very success. Sure, there were times of acceptance, re-read the article about it here, where my plan A changed and I felt thankful and blessed with my master studies (which I still do because it is a huge honor to work with such eloquent people with high titles day by day and really cool people) and enjoyed motherhood but sadly we do live in a reckless world where money rules and at one point you need to have a firm job and income regardless all your principles whether you like it or not because our state does not find it necessary to support families where at least one member decides to stay at home with its child. Yet after all this when I should have already realized it myself I needed to be told this in order to charge new energy and motivation: “I also accept a worse paid job, that was underneath my qualifications.”
I felt enormous emotional with the person who told me this – the person is one of the closest people of mine. I remembered every single thing and I had the living experience right in front of me and above all I felt this person’s honest concern and empathy towards me. It is indeed everything but easy to find a job after your graduation. All this caused me a magical change of mind and change of view. Whether things worked out now? Sadly I cannot tell by now but what is for sure that they did turn out better and something things seem like given by God.

“I step back or start lower or rather smaller then work myself up.”


Soft Bright Looks as Openers of new Ways

I feel allured by the bright looks the year begins with. The clean style does not only somewhat cause something like an order in your mind and soul but the bright looks feel like a pause you take to recharge for good. When the days are still dark – even if the time when the sun goes down delays in January – that you need additional light right in the morning and noon bright looks are the key to not lose yourself in a fog of negative state of feelings and mind.

Wearing turtlenecks with some good old jeans and a belt added the good retro way simply makes me feel like jumping up and celebrating because I connect so many good things with the retro attitude when I step back or start lower or rather smaller then work myself up. It is not selling yourself under your value but the flawless strategy to approach the big dream cautiously.

Soft retro, a vintage style in bright, tender colours.
Soft retro, a vintage style in bright, tender colours.
Soft retro, a vintage style in bright, tender colours.
Soft retro, a vintage style in bright, tender colours.
Soft retro, a vintage style in bright, tender colours.

My Look in Details

Love, Johanna

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