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Hello my beloved readership,

in times of a second sharpened lockdown it is no surprise that the casual office style is a celebrated trend but at least there is something to see the good in.

I do not always write about the pandemic but if I do then I can finally tell you how I feel about it: I hate it! I hate the shutdown, I hate the masks, I hate the vaccine, I hate how we are taken away our human rights, I hate how people get falsely manipulated by the mainstream media and that because of that we kind of get to live in a Hobbes‘ian leviathan state where everyone mistrusts everyone, I hate that the most natural things such as washing or disinfect hands are written on the agenda just by now as if that would not be clear (apparently it is not), I hate the social strangening (because this is what is ACTUALLY taking place covered by the name of social distancing), last but not least I am just damn sorry for all the people whose existence is threatened worse than with the virus because of the lockdown regardless from any legitimation. Especially because there are countries that are doing very well also without a lockdown.

Well at least (I hope) that the world of work will change its mind and instead of spreading health premium cherish people staying home longer when being sick (regardless from Corona) and returning to work when they are completely healthy.

As every rule has an exception, of course, there is something to see the good about in all these times apart from making the best of the situation anyway (if you want to know it, I would not even know that we are under the pandemic if I would not go to the grocery shops or similar ones). Just like all mothers and wives I enjoy my husband being at home office (mainly) constant. Not only both of us are able to sleep at least one more hour and stay up to enjoy time for ourselves in the evening for that additional hour more with the time spared (which we would spend on our way to work), we actually get more things done at almost once and have some energy left from the rush that is not taking place any longer to dedicate to healthier and more effective activity just for example.

Let me put it this way: no one feels comfortable with the pandemic – especially not if the mainstream media takes the topic up nearly constantly. Furthermore the comfort gets hurt with the uncertainty about the virus in time and space. At some points the world seems to stand still but time is waiting for no one and sadly we cannot sleep this time away like a hibernation and wake up when it ends. We need to face the reality we find ourselves in, become creative and craft or rather create. No always things go according to a plan, but then we need to be spontaneous and open for a plan B (or C or D…) and maintain a positive mindset. This should be the hibernation we should take. It may not all be good but at least one big blessing such as the generous home office is makes it all more bearable and agreeable for us and is an impulse to take on more than that.

“Show me your home office styles, girls and boys.”


Home Office Girl: Discreet, Chic, Dressed Up

Activity. This is your keyword in times of pandemic because it would be too easy to lie in bed and wait for death to come – this is not the meaning of life and this is not what the human is made for – that is why we get sick, unhealthy and worse than that when stopping. The Duchess of Cambridge, Catherine, taught us how important it is to even in home office dress up. Perhaps not into couture-fashion but certainly in a discreet but chic manner because even if you may have not planned anything someone will always see you and you do not need to be a woman to feel panic by the thought that someone could catch you as a living garbage disposal site. And if that was not enough dear parents imagine you want to capture an incomparable moment of your little treasure but you cannot use it because you do not like yourself on the photograph of moments that will never come back. Time may stand still but there is always a reason to be active and maintain a positive mindset. Fashion industry is giving all its efforts to inspire us for cozy chic home office/casual office styles so we should pay them back by putting them into practice. Show me your home office styles, girls and boys.

Feminine casual office style for home.
Feminine casual office style for home.
Feminine casual office style for home.
Feminine casual office style for home.
Feminine casual office style for home.

My Look in Details

Love, Johanna

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