Celebration-Look #3: Red Lips & Leopard Eyes – Positive? Of Course!

Hello my beloved readership,

based on the make-up trend red lips and leopard eye my celebration-look #4 was built. Striking for all the way being positive? Of course! Check it out here.

Sometimes when a keyword hits my mind and wanders on to my brain it makes me think, perhaps too much and then furthermore, until I shed light on all perspectives. Recently (and for a longer period of at least half a year) it was the word “positive”. “Positive [whatever]-er”, “make the world positive” but I also caught myself wandering through a process striking for positivity and reminding me of it every day.

Mass instead of class? Yes, this is what was going on on my mind: did positivity have a value – keep its actual value at all? Or the other way round: was the aim for the positive domination in the life of people meant seriously by them at all or was it nothing more than a superficial mainstream-media dictated saying just like that to impress an audience?
My most recent case which was as well the trigger of this thought of mine discovered it: [due to keep anonymity I have the leave out the context] a person of admirable intelligence and eloquence, yet charismatic and down to earth regardless the rank mentioned his deep desire for the world to become or get created positive. I rolled my eyes innerly and thought “no not again” and “no not this person” but then I remembered myself and took consideration of the person’s title and I firmly sensed the honesty in the words spoken. Not superficial at all by none of the people as I concluded.

Positivity? Of course! And of course positivity! We are living in such a bad world in a bad situation, of course, who would not want to strike for positivity? Positivity is not a bubble weak and easy to destroy. It is also not an illusion. It is a cure. The strongest we have on top. And a support in the process to make. Intelligent people and well educated people, people who see and people who create – all of them want to be successful, happy, blessed, lucky but all of this will not work and not be worth it if you are not healthy and the base of health are positive vibes – gentle vibes if you want to because positive contributions are kindness, understanding and patience for example. And it all starts with you and your closest surrounding and the surrounding that is under your control.

I once heard that my motivation is contagious. A positive vibe I sent. So why should I not be as thankful to someone else?

If you want at least some positivity in your life, I believe you, go for it, you can do it!

“The fight for positivity is a hard one especially when it comes to survive and keep going.”


Leopard-eyes: Unusual but Possible

This is the part when you wonder how such a story corresponds with leo-print or leopard eyes. Furthermore leopard and glitter or even red lips? Are these not things brought together that do not belong together? Not at all! Nothing easier to answer: as you read above, the fight for positivity is a hard one especially when it comes to survive and keep going. Therefore you need to have a lion or rather a leopard in your heart along with its strength and fitness. These animals are known as the kings of the animal world because they are the strongest inside out yet honest and honorable and appear on occasion of the celebrating-season at the happiest state during the darkest time. Red lips, the fourth: If you are a strong fighter you are not far of being the glitter in someone else‘s life. The romantic ideal is real.

A version of the make-up trend red lips with leopard-eyes.
A version of the make-up trend red lips with leopard-eyes.
A version of the make-up trend red lips with leopard-eyes.

My Look in Details

Love, Johanna

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