Celebration-Look #2: Black Velvet & Gold – My Right Hand

I would like to dedicate this article to my right hand (or rather left hand).

and to not miss my favor for sarcasm, no, not anatomically.

Bonjour mes chers,

the celebration-look #2 is black velvet and gold with velvet rather as an combined trend to the trend-color-duo. And as precious things are gold this is a dedication to my right hand.

Recently something marvelous happened! Something that I cannot even put into words that is why let me express it as incredible – because even I did not think it would happen until it actually did.

Such an introduction calls for the typical “you-have-to-tell-me-all-the-details” or the “okay-I-have-to-tell-you-the-whole-story-from-the-very-beginning” but I fear you will have to go without that. Like I said it is not about the story itself but my right hand. Without the intention to tease you, I have to mention it once again. Something huge happened! Something about which I seriously joked that even I would not have thought that it would happen until it actually did as for me it was a closed chapter. Period. At least I forced myself it to be a closed chapter even if my heart did not want to let go completely.

So there was a trigger for it to take place but I want to see this trigger as a sign along with happenings and lectures from the most recent past and my still ongoing process. The sign firstly landed in the garbage tin, sure, undamaged but in the tin and even if I swore myself to not start and make a big deal of it again I did.
This time I stopped for a moment before acting and thought. Instinctively I felt the urge to immediately reach out to my right hand and advise myself with her. But this solution did not feel right. I should know best what I want and I should solve my problem myself. So I may have not brought her in but I took her as an ideal and tried to analyse things the way she would have. She is extremely forgiving (sometimes maybe too much but no, looking for peace and empathy are not wrong things. Also she has her lines of limits but even then it is not hate that grows but a peaceful consequence). This is the way I regarded things too and had come to a conclusion. The conclusion to act or at least react. The final result was incredibly wonderful and even now conjures a smile on my face and in my heart. But huger than the thing itself was the reaction of the people around a more than happy one which I sensed was more than honest – this made it even better. And also now on my process to make this good thing work out and last my right hand’s impact on me and her support and pricelessly precious to me.

Thank you very much, my right hand! I hope I can somehow return this to you.

“[…] make sure to keep it like a treasure. You might discover the treasure in it sooner or later.“

– Fall4Me

The Classic Never Dies: Velvet

I know what you are going to say: every article here is meaningful, precious and personal but some people go really deep and so do the looks worn. Ask me about the amount of velvet items in my closet. And now ask me about the last conversation I had about velvet. Correct, one item and very unpopular among outfit-advisors. But if I have an item in the royal-material then of course it was passed on to me from my personal queen herself: My mother. Who always predicts that the old fashion trends are going to celebrate a revival. She wore it when I was a child and passed it on to me as I grew up. So therefore, if you receive something passed on to you make sure to keep it like a treasure. You might discover the treasure in it sooner or later.

Golden Shimmer

Someone else whom I consider a something like a second mother for me is the Hamburg couture-designer Liz Malraux. She gifted me with one of her (at least as) legendary (as her patchwork-jackets) shirts with her brand emblem in gold sewed on it. An item I always dreamed to have. Usually you do not have gold represented in your closet more among your jewelry. But this season gold is trendy as make-up and worn not only as accessories.

This shirt makes another treasure of mine. Not only because treasures are generally associated with gold but because when I wear Liz Malraux the personal connection to my look goes deep. In addition to that generally the best things are considered gold or golden: golden times, golden girls (or golden people in general with a heart of gold) and gold itself as most expensive jewelry. Here is the second big connection of look and story.

Black velvet and golden shimmer.
Black velvet and golden shimmer.
Black velvet and golden shimmer.
Black velvet and golden shimmer.
Black velvet and golden shimmer.

My Look in Details

Love, Johanna

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