Fall4Me Look & Nail Art Of The Year 2019

Hello my beloved readers,

you voted and here is the result: The Fall4Me look and nail art of the year 2019. Check out the absolute favorites along with the occasion on which I wore them and my feelings towards them and the result in the following. As you know this article usually appears latest in February of each year with the Chinese new year as you know Fall4Me was delayed this time the article arrives with and exception later.

Look of the Year 2019

Out of 38 looks I have delivered you in the passed year with a result of 91 per cent you have chosen the look entitled with “Green & Black: Between Winning & Losing Hope Dies Last”.

Green and black was the second look I have worn and shot after having given birth to my son Raphael. I wore this look in the early March for the shops open Sunday which means that four times a month – as compensation when shops are closed during a national holiday the shops are open exceptionally on a Sunday between 13 pm and 18 pm. Sadly Germany is still one of these countries in which shops are not naturally open as they are in Estonia or the Czech Republic. You can argue that these countries are capitalistic and that derived from the story of the Creation people are to settle down and rest on the seventh day but if you ask me we have to move on as we already do in other parts of life. I believe that with business Sundays in the retail sector we can create more workplaces. But this is not today’s topic to discuss. Anyway apart from the shopping trip and walk using the good, sunny weather my husband and I had something to do in the city center.

You guys know me, my wardrobe is rather what you would call “uncomfortable clothes” and rock elements such as leather or black scream my name. Certainly those who have followed me for long enough know that my favorite clothing for shopping trips is a skirt. However I must admit that a turtle-neck probably was not my best selection – I did it for the style rather than for the function. Shortly after birth you of course have not gained your whole shape back therefore elastic was my best friend, a good catch when you want to dress quickly in the fitting room.

I am not surprised, you can say furthermore I was happy about this result because this was definitely one of my most favorite looks for sure. I love mixing styles and bringing black together with other of my favorite fashion colors in the spotlight such as green. Lately my best friend from university stated that I love green madly. Yes, green is the color of hope and whenever I am madly dependent on hope I rely on green. As I grew green became one of my best friends, it has in fact a positive expression and brings fortune for sure.

Spring-style in black and green: a leather jacket and a skirt

Nail art of Year 2019

Eight nail arts probably were not a lot but apparently enough for you to make a clear choice. With a 100 per cent rating you have chosen my nail art from May your absolute favorite one above all. I am not necessarily surprised about this result, following the mainstream popularity but it is definitely not the choice I would make as you know me these are not the colors I feel most comfortable in and therefore not the colors of my first choice. The nail art entitled “Rose & Light Grey: Attention On The Little Things” one I was inspired to by Orsay. I was scrolling through their online shop as I usually do once in a while and noticed numerous looks in soft pink and light grey and even though it was not a highly celebrated trend but rather an inconspicuous inspiration I considered it worth mentioning. Do I dump everything I cannot deal with on my nails? Do not get me wrong but it could be worse. I mean after all this nail art remains for at least one month and I have to see it every day as our hands are probably the most used parts of our body and more or less represent us or make a statement about us and this nail art is definitely not a statement of mine – at least not a main one. Nevertheless I am happy you liked it.

Nailart in rose and light grey

New Year New Chances

For those who may now wonder or be annoyed that they have missed the chance to vote, do not be angry, soon you are going to have another chance to choose and vote. In two months (in January) I will be looking for the look and nail art of the year 2020. As the Chinese new year is going to take place on February 12th I am going to publish the article latest then. Usually I repost a recap of my looks of the passed year in my Instagram-stories and make a poll. As I do not tolerate hate on my social media you can either vote it the look of the year or express that it is a nice look (or just say nothing if you have nothing nice to say). It would be the same procedure with the nail art just that you are going to vote it not the look of the year but nail art of the year. In case there would be a tie you can increase the chance for your absolute favorite look and nail art to win by liking it on Facebook. So all you have to do is following me on Instagram (@JohannaKarajan) and Facebook but interact.

Love, Johanna

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