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Hello my most beloved readership,

the sweat pants are a highly celebrated trend this autumn where we focus on comfort rather than business hereby perfectly matches that Fall4Me is up to date.

“If I have X articles for my blog and I publish two articles every week when would my blog be up to date again?”, that was the question I had asked my husband the number-ace in mid-spring when I got back to blogging – to share my business secret with you. But faster than the fashion-industry might only the the cinema- and music-industry. What does that mean? That even if my husband told me for example “four months” that within these four months there would be new trends launching and then the vicious circle would continue. That was my above all worry and to tell you the truth sometimes I found myself even in that moment where I thought that I would never make it to bring my blog up to date. But what should I do? Starting over at one point and saving all those beautiful shootings I took for other occasions? I did not like the thought of that… In that case I am like Sheldon Cooper who also goes insane with incomplete things.

The reason why I fell into such a big gap of delay was that in October last year I started working on my bachelor thesis; and the answer about the priority seems to be pretty clear. Anyway at the same time we needed to organize our son’s first birthday- and baptism-party which was to take place at the end of February and if that was not enough I needed to apply for jobs again, all of that besides from the usual care of the baby, household, time with my husband, supporting my family and many more. Everything was doubtlessly worth it and of high priority but it took its tribute: neglecting my passion of blogging however therefore as all of that was done I fully dedicated myself to blogging sitting on it almost every evening after the baby was brought to bed or if possible every morning before the baby woke up. I was torn between hopelessness and positive thrill about every achievement and everything that was ahead. To tell you the truth I generally started to feel about blogging as a torturing must which I wanted to break out of just relax for one evening after so much time. But in the end I kept going not losing hope deep inside and here I am now, with an updated blog having made up trends/looks/stories from one and a half years in 7 months. It was tough, very tough especially because I did not have a slight time to dedicate myself to my thoughts for one moment. I had to deliver and think of what was supposed to lie in the air and come out naturally in the same minute. I am looking forward for everything to go easier and more relaxed on me now as I symbolize with my chilled sweat pants and a pullover.

And this my most beloved readership was the final whole story behind Fall4Me. I really hope that I can manage my blog better in the future than I did and got delayed due to my wedding, pregnancy, birth-giving and thesis but as you see important stages of life are definitely of higher priority than entertainment and you can make up everything later.

“You Lost Control of Your Life, so You bought some Sweat Pants”? Think Again!

To quote the September issue of the Glamour-magazine “this saying [“Sweatpants are a sign of defeat. You lost control of your life, so you bought some sweatpants.” – Karl Lagerfeld] is obsolete” even though our beloved fashion mogul may rest in peace. Since Autumn 2014 the international catwalks have been celebrating the trend of jog-pants in the business style which cannot be imagined without them, first for men, then for women, taking up the it-piece of the 80s converted into a more elegant style. Now that this trend had accomplished its mission to prove the world that comfort had never looked better the 80s are back! The Athleisure trend from 2017 had already teased us there. It is not about sporty elegance anymore it is about sporty comfort and relaxation which you can completely allow yourself and lay back after achieving so much like I did.

In times of Covid-19 and a generally ordered home office we see no better item than this. Relax and lay back because you can and can allow yourself to do so. Relax and lay back in full control because you still keep going with comfort to see your duties more agreeable.

For autumn sweat pants can be worn stylish with ankle boots and a pullover.For autumn sweat pants can be worn stylish with ankle boots and a pullover.For autumn sweat pants can be worn stylish with ankle boots and a pullover.For autumn sweat pants can be worn stylish with ankle boots and a pullover.For autumn sweat pants can be worn stylish with ankle boots and a pullover.

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Love, Johanna

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