Check-Mix: Acceptance

Hello my beloved readership,

the second year in a row the check-mix is back as major trend for autumn. Learn how to wear it and in case you do not like it learn acceptance.

I would not necessarily say that I am a “control-freak” à la Tom Cruise, as the boulevard-press would prefer to express it, who likes to dictate everyone around her how to live but I do not like to pass on the control I could have to change things for good (having this in mind I would like to encourage my readers from the United States to make sure to vote and in case you do not see the sense in it here is a good quote by the German politician Gregor Gysi who says: “If you do not vote your neighbor is going to vote in your place.”, so do not pass on your voice because perhaps yours can matter in the end and be the change you want to have.)

And this was a situation I have found myself in several times, especially this year, just wait and see(?) Maybe, maybe not and you do not know what would be the right act. If you just knew how this drives me crazy. I can not really tell what it is, the motivation that drives me to have such an attitude in this case but I bet there will be some of you out there who also do not like to stand and watch.

What am I thinking about when I am thinking of this story? Yes, there was an incident that appears majorly in front of my inner eye and even if this has been solved I happened to understand that this was not going to be the first nor the last time where I would have to accept a situation as it is.

Just today when I expressed sorrow to someone close to me this someone said that there are things I can do to work against this sorrow but in the end I would have to accept the situation. But what exactly does that mean? I happened to forget it myself while writing these lines but remembered: Accepting a situation as it is (we talk about situations we are not happy with in this context) is not giving up on the change we deeply wish for but to become clear with the outer state that impacts our inner state and learn to go on with this disease and as we can say that we are fine with this state of ours in the bigger situation we will see that it will be easier for us and eventually work out with and without some acts from our side. Image it as some kind of fever you have and try to fight it with a tensed body and soul, this will only increase your bad condition to the worse, you do not let go or give up on something but you relax to slip out of a bad situation in an easier way once you accept the mess you find yourself in.

“Think of the story told above: what did we learn?”
– Fall4Me

Mix & Match with Checks

Just as messy can be the mix of different check-pattern. Flannel or checks are popular pattern for autumn (especially because real flannel is the knit of warmer autumn days and in occasion of the begin of university for most of the students their favorite piece of clothing – youthful, comfortable, yet somewhat matches business) and mixing checks is a master-class-art because if it would only be the pattern, no, in addition there are colors to match and more tricky is that checks are unlike stripes or polka dots (where you can simply mix two different sizes or directions with each other) probably the pattern with the biggest variety.

How to mix checks:

Think of the story told above: what did we learn? An outer situation affects our inner state which again affects our outer world, so what happens is a matter of what happens in our mind up to our heart, ergo: how do I feel satisfied with the mess or the challenge of the same pattern in different ways? Would it not be a touch too much? It would if you would dress into the same pattern from head to toe, so we need this mess more or less to bring an agreeable balance into ourselves and our life.

So you can mix…

  • …soft, fine and many checks with bold, less checks,
  • …checks of different sizes in the same color,
  • …checks with the same size in different colors.

You can start discreet with two different check-pattern of the same color-group, add accessories in the same pattern or go wild in colors, the credo: however you feel well. Because once that is the case you will radiate it to the outside.

Different check-pattern mixed in one look.Different check-pattern mixed in one look.Different check-pattern mixed in one look.Different check-pattern mixed in one look.Different check-pattern mixed in one look.

My Look in Details

Baby Raphael dressed in H&M kids

Love, Johanna


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