The Wild 70s: Good To Be Back

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the wild 70s are back and they give the sentence “It is good to be back!” a whole new meaning. Read about it and how to wear the 70s here.

“It is good to be back!” is not just a sentence you say to flatter something or someone. To me personally, it is a sentence I have adopted word by word from my most favorite musician Piret Järvis-Milder but I believe that for what concerns the meaning of this phrasing I have various sources that have brought me there, however, before we get to that point let me start with another story.

“It will never be like it was.”, ask me if there is any other sentence I hate more than this one and I will tell you that these words in this order have left the most hurtful traces on me and the worst of memories but probably as well the most precious impact. Back then it all started when I trapped into hypocrisy and betrayal an therefore lost my very best friend. You might have probably felt me how desperate and sad I was when I did not even have bad intentions in my head but sorrow in my heart. To all those readers who are yet to make this experience you will probably not be amazed if I tell you that it will probably not remain by that one time. But do not worry about that by now, I still have this phrasing “it will never be like it was” told by another false friend who saw benefit in tearing me and my best friend apart while pretending to play the one to comfort in front of my inner eye and I am still annoyed of this sentence but I have learned to not make it my enemy but to take it as it is: neither good nor bad but simply realistic. I succeeded in doing so thanks to the similar experiences I have made more than once. I learned that certainly things will never be like they were exactly because they turned out to be even better, having these relationships in my mind.

The good old days were doubtlessly good! And I would never wish for them to be any different but I also do not regret all the steps further I have taken and which have surely been necessary. It is also not about bringing something back exactly as it was in every single and smallest detail but to get back to it with all the newly collected wisdom you have internalized for yourself. That is why it is good and even better to be back.

“(Join) me back to the future.”
– Fall4Me

The 70s: Something for Anyone

“I feel like Mary-Kate or Ashley Olsen!”
“I feel like I could be one of the characters in [the original] ‘Charmed’…!”
“I feel like in ‘That 70s Show’!”
“It is totally 90s even though it has its origin in the 70s but you still wore it in the 90s up to the early 2000s!”
[My husband referring to ‘Charmed’]: “But would you be a witch or a warlock?”

Let us turn on some 90s music in order to get this 90s feeling. And I felt it, I absolutely felt it along with the hype that immediately rose in me. I did not even want to take off my clothes and I can tell you one thing: join me back to the future. We have all dressed this way and we loved it before simple clean looks with sporty elements took over. The 70s would not be the most important trend of early autumn if not everyone could wear it. Leave it out, I would say if you do not feel comfortable whether it is a celebrated trend or not, leave it out if it not underlining your style and character otherwise you would look exactly like that: dressed up as someone you are not. But this is exactly what to love about the 70s style: it is so versatile that it provides something for everyone especially because back then the beauty-ideals have not been too minimized and judgements by the mass not of such a big importance. Everyone could dress in a comfortable colorful mix and still be considered hot.

Important elements of the 70s style:

  • chic leather,
  • knit coat,
  • big shade sunglasses,
  • wide leg jeans,
  • round boots with block heels,
  • shiny glittery metallic cat-eyes.

Dressed in all essential elements of the 70s style.Dressed in all essential elements of the 70s style.Dressed in all essential elements of the 70s style.Dressed in all essential elements of the 70s style.Dressed in all essential elements of the 70s style.Dressed in all essential elements of the 70s style.Dressed in all essential elements of the 70s style.

My Look in Details:

*Shopped at the Glamour Shopping Week

Love, Johanna

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