Golden Autumn: Keep Going

Hello my beloved readership,

the season is on-going and even if with the lack of sun we cannot speak about a golden autumn let us do it in the means of fashion because even in dark times it is worth to keep going.
Summer itself, was beautiful: the sun was shining almost constantly, it was hot up to agreeably warm, we have been out with my baby boy almost every day the whole day, we have been extremely active (combined with fun and (re-)discovering the world) along with starting a healthy diet, we have met with friends and not to mention we have been very productive as well. Summed up you can conclude that we as little family did everything that could make you happy and keep your positive emotions.

But this was an illusion and all the brightness a cover. I could almost say that summer was my winter after Christmas and New Year‘s Eve, mercilessly cold and gloomy and you would just impatiently wait for the snow to melt and the flowers to blossom out again.
Otherwise this summer could as well be described as the dark, gloomy and whipping cold autumn before Christmas time which is are defenselessly exposed to and beg for the magical and hopeful Christmas time to come.

This revealed my summer with everything it held was rather a means to an end to keep going in order not to lose myself because as mother you cannot allow you that. I do cherish every single experience of this summer but I must admit it was a sad one deep inside and this sadness had accompanied me along these four months, two weeks and three days.

“Even if the […] morning-sun is lacking […] this autumn is golden […]”
– Fall4Me

Shine like Gold Enchants Black

Even if the marvelous morning-sun is lacking and the dream of the landscapes and skyscrapers dunked into gold remains nothing than an pipe-dream this autumn is golden and far before we even think of Christmas full of miracles, warmth and feelings of joy. Just the way this generally unpopular season due to the rainy, foggy and cold weather, is supposed to be. Autumn is like a gap in which are supposed to start into with newly charged energy we are longing back for summer or would like to skip it immediately up to Christmas. Therefore we need this beautiful glorious start into it in order not to see it as our enemy but to see the good in it and if the weather is not able to provide this to us fashion will lend a hand and glow in yellow and gold on black to show that if we keep going in hard times the reward is going to be a gloriously golden time ahead.

Gold and yellow enchant black this autumn.Gold and yellow enchant black this autumn.Gold and yellow enchant black this autumn.Gold and yellow enchant black this autumn.Gold and yellow enchant black this autumn.Gold and yellow enchant black this autumn.

My Look in Details

Love, Johanna

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