It-Pieces Granny Bag & Combat Boots With Autumn Trend Fringes: Trust

Hello my beloved readership,

on the focus the it-pieces granny-bag and combat boots with the autumn trend fringes. Versatile leading all to one look like trust has many facets.

“Trust is like a mirror…”, well and good that everyone seems to perfectly know how trust works once it is gone but let us start from the beginning, do you actually know how trust works? …I knew it.

This same everyone as well preaches to not trust quickly and easily but if with the COVID-regulations we fall back into a Hobbes’ state of mistrust and control dictated by the government what do you expect from its society in social matters…? [shrugs] Anyway trust develops within the course of a relationship but trust is not only and in the first place about whom you tell and show what and how much. Furthermore real trust goes back to your behavior towards the other person which has its origin with your attitude though in your doing as well as in your not-doing. And this is the trust I want to talk to you about today because there are different kinds of trust and how to show it in your relationships (any kind of relationship) because let us be honest, who is honest open and direct with everything from the very beginning on? …and that is absolutely okay entirely without any further consequences because trust develops and increases with every stage of a relationship and every experience an incident.

Basically, and this would be my number one rule above all (and I mention it due to a current given occasion), never, NEVER start into a relationship with a grave lie because such relationships are experienced to never last (it was not my direct concern but rather my friends’). Some people believe in lying or reinventing the truth because they are scared, as they keep mainly stating, that the other person could be so disappointed and devastated that they could leave the person when coming out with the truth immediately but as one untruth steps in there follows another one and another one until there is no way back. Stay out of something like this!

And here I go with the second thing, which is very heart decision to me: the fear of honestly talking about your feelings and speak out your mind. I told you and am always going to encourage you to never be afraid of speech especially not the speech about your thoughts and feelings. The German Cosmopolitan summer edition from 2012 back then wrote that masturbation in presence of your partner can be helpful for him or her to understand how you like to be satisfied because you yourself know best what is good for you and what not. This transfered to the honest and open speech means that if you talk about your thoughts and feelings honestly and openly your friend/partner/family will understand you better and act according to you but therefore you need to have enough trust in the person to know that honesty and openness will only be a blessing for your relationship rather than ending in a disaster because in the end if you are in any kind of connection, bond or relationship with a person this person needs to have positive and good qualities then so you should show that you know about them, honor and cherish them.

Close to faith you need to have trust in the good of a person. It is a weak bubble of illusion to think that you are never going to have hard times or smaller or bigger disputes even in the most loving relationship. More important than that is to never lose faith and to trust that you will get over this obstacle sooner or later together because what actually makes a relationship stronger is to see the value in times of separation and know that someone is irreplaceable for you in the long term. If the person is worth it (which it is in this case) never lose faith and trust that one day things will work out again and be better than ever even in the hardest times. I know it will be hard but you will be able to survive that.

All this will make trust even way stronger than a simple mirror.

“(Trust) is the impulse you always need to give in weak times […]”
– Fall4Me

Versatile, but Gathered in one

Trust has many facets and is very versatile like different elements in one look but in the end gathered in one and being one thing, trust. But meanwhile (or again) exactly this wild mix proves to belong to the master-class of fashion when there are many different styles and one-man-shows included. The way you approach any relationship with trust  it is going to brand its label on your relationship from the very first moment on, lead you throughout your relationship every single moment and finally give you the decisive outlook on the future. Above all trust is the impulse you always need to give in weak times in order not to make a meaningful relationship collapse entirely.

Versatile but gathered in one is not only trust but this look, it is telling the story of two it-pieces that bring back remarkable treasures from the past such as the granny-bag that I have matched to the second it-piece’s partner in crime the romantic and fanciful summer-dresses from last season that the it-piece(s) from this season, the combat boots, cannot go without. And if you are refined enough to pick the right colors or shades you can add one current look, the fringes with a look to come shortly afterwards, purple will be back for the colder time of late-autumn.

Combat boots worn with a summer dress, combined with a granny bag and fringes.Combat boots worn with a summer dress, combined with a granny bag and fringes.Combat boots worn with a summer dress, combined with a granny bag and fringes.Combat boots worn with a summer dress, combined with a granny bag and fringes.Combat boots worn with a summer dress, combined with a granny bag and fringes.Combat boots worn with a summer dress, combined with a granny bag and fringes.

My Look in Details

Love, Johanna

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