Autumn Nails – Caramel & Brown

Hello my beloved readership,

with my autumn nails I present you two trend colors of the season: caramel and brown. This season we are going back to nature. Check it out in the following.

Gel-nails – or special technique, modelling nails in general – are always an eye-catcher: thick, big, strong and mostly colorful. But always look like you would be coming fresh out of the nail studio. The nail-artists themselves have kept saying it again and again for eight years: “You spend one [the times varies from one to two hours] hour at the nail studio and you have perfectly done nails for at least one month [whereas mine even perfectly remain up to six weeks].”
Of course these “perfectly done nails” also have their prize with about 30,- € to 40,- € but you can regard it as an hour of wellness in addition to a beauty-session and when I think of it sometimes my normal nail polish had not even dried over night and in the line of business where I have always worked it was either welcomed or a welcome fresh breeze to the dull office life.

“[…] why not being more fashionable and proving more know-how in fashion by combing trends […]?”
– Fall4Me

I cannot speak for my fellows but for what concerns me every time I received compliments for my nails the people (as well as the staff who styled my nails and all other staff-members along with their clients) were wondering about the color(s) I have chosen and were mainly looking for a connection to current events such as Halloween or Christmas or the season. After I have so many times denied and explained that I usually do not try to necessarily match the corresponding season but rather receive my inspiration elsewhere I can now and today claim the opposite: As I am close to finally have made-up my blog and having brought it up-to-date I indeed chose two trend colors for the upcoming season whereas they on the whole belong to one and the same color-group. Caramel and brown are two giant trends on their own but if you have quite something to make-up why not being more fashionable and proving more know-how in fashion by combing trends (you have convinced yourself within the last year that this works well with me and to tell you more I do enjoy it)? Even if brown is rather the color and caramel rather the shade both of those colors belong to the group of the colors of nature which is a big, big theme this upcoming season but for now let me tease you with this pretty dream team.

Gel nails in glittery brown and caramel.Gel nails in glittery brown and caramel.Gel nails in glittery brown and caramel.

Nails Done by Thanh Nails

Finding the perfect matching caramel-shade was quite an exercise, I have to admit. Not only because even with over 300 colors the selection at the nail-studio was limited but moreover because when it comes to shades (because other than clearly named colors they are very precise) you start to wonder which color is that exactly on the palette and how does it differ from a similar shade (the struggle was real not long ago with the shade of aubergine). Like this I had to struggle between the difference of caramel, camel and cognac (or gold after I was done with my nails and the discussion started with my husband) but after long searching I had finally found the color where I kept thinking to myself and even stated to the staff that when I see this color (on my thumb and on my ring-fingers) I am thinking of (delicious) caramel. Even the other clients became very curious about that.

Love, Johanna

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