All In Aubergine With The It-Piece 70s Boots – The Difference

Hello my beloved readers,

before autumn welcome the gloomy times all in aubergine with the it-piece 70s boots giving insights to the season’s runner-up and know the difference.

Today I do not want to talk about you to be the difference. Let us keep that motivation-article for another time. Instead it is one of these days when I need to vent and criticize my fellow humans again.

It is September 1st (God know probably no one is awaiting this day as excitedly as I do). It is my birthday, I open Instagram and what to I see? Countless of simple minds that post photos to welcome autumn and as if that would not be enough the same thing happens when watching stories on WhatsApp or worst getting them sent. Same irritation four times a year. It is December 1st and people could nearly tell each other good wishes in occasion for Christmas already. As well as people despite changing the clocks have not understood that the beginning of spring is on March 20th and who could remember the beginning of summer, the mid-summer-celebration and the longest day of the year better than me when it is at the same time my brother’s birthday? I slowly start to wonder why I still try to teach my fellows correctly, they keeping repeating that same mistake every year again. It may all take place in the same month but not right at the beginning. That is a huge difference. And if you mean to welcome the seasons right at the beginning of them months knowing it better but just want to put attention on that already then say it like you mean it!

Talking about wording, here is one of my favorites: you know, I have often heard quite funny stories about me allegedly having said certain things (luckily I have stopped talking to many people about important matters so that I keep control of whom I told what and reproduce the source of the problem). And sometimes the content may be alike but the sense as well as a few little words may be a complete different one. Such as allegedly accusing someone for having done something or feeling like something is the way it is because of something. That is a huge difference. In this case I would like to warn you to be cautious and on alert when someone starts a conversation with the words “I heard that…”.

Another good one (this one is for you men) is when women are changing their outfit countless times because something about the look is disturbing them and the men are asking “does it really matter?”. Do not let this become your death-sentence, gentlemen, also when a woman is suffering if she is not getting exactly what she wanted and needs to be satisfied with something similar. “Is it not the same?”. No it definitely is not! There is a huge difference.

I could continue with examples but I am afraid that at one point this article needs to find its end. Sweet people, have you got the moral of the story? Whether if it is laziness, carelessness or lack of education the smallest things make the hugest differences so do not neglect them because in some contexts one single word can change the whole meaning of a story and in the means of fashion do not mix wine-red or burgundy with aubergine.

“[…] the smallest things make the hugest differences […]”
– Fall4Me

Wine-Red or Aubergine? Where is the Difference

Choosing my clothes for this outfit, shooting and finally blog-article was quite an exercise also for me so much that I even included my husband to help a fashion-expert such as I am, who knows quite some hacks, out. Since 2012 when it comes to autumn we like to talk about wine-red, burgundy and newly aubergine. But is exactly what and does it make a difference at all or can we pick whatever we like and look pretty much like it?
No, we cannot just pick whatever falls into our hands.
Oh yes, there is a huge difference!
Fashion is an art and art loves precision, attention and dedication.

  • When we talk about wine red we talk about a simple deep dark red that is almost reaching out to black but in the end remains red in its spread. Otherwise this color is known as bordeau derived by the French language.
  • Burgundy is not a synonym for wine-red in that case. It is a very own shade of dark red which however includes a clear touch of brown.
  • And finally aubergine is not connected to shades of (dark) red at all even if from the first sight they may look pretty much alike the difference lies in the shade. Aubergine is clearly defined as very dark purple far from red (even if purple is a mix of blue and red).

If you do it like me and lay down the same items of clothing in the different shades next to each other and lay all other clothes on them to compare the shade and set it right you are going to recognize the difference. This year we are into aubergine because purple is going to come back at a sooner time.

Try to avoid mixing purple with aubergine in order not to have an unbeautiful break of colors. If you need accents use black instead such as the it-piece 70s boots. How to recognise them to shop? Long leather boots round at the front and with block heels behind.

A casual yet chic and feminine outfit in aubergine and black 70s boots.A casual yet chic and feminine outfit in aubergine and black 70s boots.A casual yet chic and feminine outfit in aubergine and black 70s boots.A casual yet chic and feminine outfit in aubergine and black 70s boots.A casual yet chic and feminine outfit in aubergine and black 70s boots.A casual yet chic and feminine outfit in aubergine and black 70s boots.A casual yet chic and feminine outfit in aubergine and black 70s boots.

My Look in Deatils

Love, Johanna

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