8 Things To See In Saarburg

Hello my beloved readership,

four years ago at the same time I was at the Mosel-river-region for the first time and discovered major beauties and values it is holding. Take today a walk with me through one of the hidden treasures of the Mosel-river-region in West Germany we have visited last week: Saarburg. Check out eight things to see in Saarburg here.

A stone with the different writings of Saarburg
Saarburg, the composition of the name comes from Burg (castle) at the Saar (river).

1. Churches

Saarburg full of big old churches. Already at the first sight when arriving in the village you get to see three of these buildings. As Saarburg is located at the vineyards you can watch the scenery of single churches standing in the middle of higher grounds nearby. I do not know what about you but usually I just get to see this not closer than from the highway. Like this you could observe the whole landscape-building situation better and have a better understanding for it.


2. Trails

My parents-in-law are real passionate hikers. There it is no surprise that they know the best trails all around the Mosel-river-region. Whether you could call this one to the right of the bridge between the houses – where cars are as well driving therefore beware(!) – along one of the mountains and the parallel way along the lake-Saar are actual trails or not I did enjoy it as some kind of long walk which I have have got used to this summer. I would suggest you to start your tour through Saarburg here even if it will look like nothing first.

One of the trails in Saarburg.
Saarburg has trails on both sides of the bridge.

3. Historical Architecture

Do you know when most of the houses in Saarburg were built? Among others in the 10th century, amazing is it not? I was made attentive to that by my mother-in-law when we took our walk through the roads of Saarburg and passed the houses. You can recognize those historical houses from their inscription as shown in the photo below. Can you imagine actually living in such a small old house? For what concerns me it hit me like a lightning to be this close to such fascinating history.

Historical architecture of Saarburg.
Over the door you can see a writing when the houses were built.

4. Colorful Architecture

At the end of August in West-Germany we were not the luckiest with the weather that Sunday in Saarburg. It was fresh, gloomy and grey which made me think that okay we are taking a simple walk in the nature and that is it but things literally brightened up as we walked up the paths towards the city center and discovered the lively part of Saarburg. Slowly not only the sun was showing up but also did the architecture become more colorful the further we walked. An excellent play of colors.

Colorful architecture of Saarburg

5. Narrow Pilgrimage Paths

The narrow paths to our left (of the bridge when coming from the north) in Saarburg reminded me of the path to Palace Grimaldi in Monaco. The old, long and seemingly unspectacular way up made me once again feel like I was neither walking, nor hiking but rather having a pilgrimage which is why I consider it as such. However it promised to bear a hidden treasure once it is coped.

Narrow paths up Saarburg.

6. Waterfalls

The waterfalls and the old mill that is counted as world cultural heritage. It is the preliminary stage of what is awaiting you once you crossed the pilgrimage path. On that path it is some kind of escaping place to pause and enjoy for a while until you head to the final spurt.

The waterfalls of Saarburg.

The waterfall making the mill work.
The old mill meanwhile became a museum.

7. The City-Center

The hidden treasure I was talking about in 5. is the city center which is leaving an absolutely fascinating and breath-taking first sight! The strong colors, the vivid atmosphere along with the architecture makes you feel like you are entering a beautiful fairy tale. My highlight were the flowers that have accompanied us from then on all the way back.

The city-center of Saarburg

8. Wine-Growing Estates

The mosel-river-region is nearly the most famous wine-region in Germany, did you know that the Riesling-wine has its origin there? When leaving the city center taking a big round back through another way to catch some more impressions you are not walking along a sea but along wine-growing estates and observe the origin of wine from the very closest view for everyone who is interested.

One of the wine-growing estates in Saarburg.

A big Round Through a small Treasure

This was my virtual as well as literal walk through Saarburg with you. When you – like me – have the impression that this little place is just like the weather that day then wait for the sunshine after the rain. Because what may seem like nothing is bearing more than you first might dare to think: history, beauty, treasures and as clue you are being active in combination with pleasure. Therefore you deserve to settle down and get yourself a cup of delicious ice-cream in the city center.

Leaving the city center of Saarburg.

Your friendly reminder: If you want to know what I wore on our trip to Saarburg check out my article about the urban jungle trend.

Love, Johanna

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