Old Rose & White: No Fear!

Hello my beloved readership,

wearing the trend-combo old rose and white reminds me of a certain person I want to tell you about and that she should have had no fear of me.

Can you imagine someone being actually scared of me – especially if you are not exactly a thug or something? Okay, I catch myself tending to make fun of an apparently serious problem. Even though when I asked around like I did as introduction I left each one either surprised, full of questions, or simply sarcastic, which I cannot hold against them. The exact statement however was that the fear I refer to by the person concerned went back to being scared of doing anything wrong and making me get angry with that person or worse a dispute could break out. Upsetting me? No, definitely not. That was not that person‘s concern, at least I could never be convinced by that. Anyway, do you want to know what happened? Mistakes (I will leave it to that word, even though I do not really believe in actual mistakes in interpersonal relationships and even if there would be some you could fix them together, which did not happen or just one sided, as otherwise it would get too detailed and more complicated than it already is. Apart from that further details do not matter for the continuation) happened again and again and the fear became real continuously and as a result of that could never be overcome. If you ask me this is the worst of all cases that can happen to everyone of us and any kind of fear of anything. For those of you who would like to interrupt me here and say that in an interpersonal relationship I could have tried to fix something you should know me enough that I did anything possible but in the end it did not work out because when there is more than one person involved one single person alone cannot do anything. Fear as a state of feelings can of course not be programmed like a software or set like a machine and especially when it comes to our feelings things are said easier than they are done, that is why I will not say anything such as the typical phrases that are connected with common sayings but I would like to help you. You must overcome your personal fear otherwise it is going to devour you, become real and recklessly destroy a part of your life, be aware of this. I know that this alone will not make your fear go away from one sentence to the next one, definitely not, therefore you would have think of your fear, tackle it and confront yourself with it.

Fear is a dangerously powerful thing but it is not unbeatable. It seems huge because it frightens us until we are some kind of rigidity induced by shock mentally and not be a match to face it which is why the fewest of us give it a try at all and just give in to the fear without thinking of it. Therefore let us remember two important quotes: Albert Einstein once stated that my mind is my best weapon and Franklin D. Roosevelt kept saying that all we must fear is fear itself. These two personalities that have left their mark on the world and society have an important point. Worse than the object of fear is the fear itself because we can overcome all once we start thinking of it properly. As a self-therapy image what could be the worst thing that could happen and I insist you to also consider the most extreme improbable and silly things and go softer and softer in your expulsory proceeding until you reach the realistic. Once you figure out about the cause and worst case and that you are capable of avoiding it or see that it is not as worse as it seems you will overcome your fear so that the fear will not come true. Otherwise speak about your fear if you usually keep things you want to happen for yourself and use twisted psychology.

“Wearing this pure and silent style I somehow feel like I can say it is alright, I am cool with it (…)”
– Fall4Me

Old Rose & White: The Colorful Elegance

The story behind this goes back to a girl named M. I am talking in the past-tense about her not because she is dead – which is the major and commonly only reason why people would talk in the past about others – do not worry(!) but because she has become a chapter in my life that I consider closed. For certain once and for all. As non-blood-relative she and I have had nearly within the frames of the possible the closest bond two people could have and many friends would probably wish for. But sometimes some things do not seem to be measured by blood or what is written on a paper more or less but this is another topic. I remember I wanted to touch on this already for longer but some other topics matching better to the previous looks came to the fore. Anyway M’s loved red in all its shades but especially signal red most but her trademark somehow used to be soft or old rose. It was her thing and it often still reminds me of her as we used to perfectly complete each other with me being rather into purple and blue. Even the interior of the café we have visited was absolutely her style, less mine even though it was neat and alright. Today I am wearing her style, this trend convinced and inspired me. It is casually elegant and definitely wearable on special occasions. Wearing this pure and silent style I somehow feel like I can say it is alright, I am cool with it, the situation as it is and with her being the way she is. Which would not mean that unlike her I would not be able to haunt down some bad guys or stand protectingly before my loved ones. It is as it is, M stopped growing at some point, as if she mentally never grew older than ten, and – I apologise for saying this – I could not do any different than looking down at her.

For summer wie put the focus on soft rose and surround it by white.For summer wie put the focus on soft rose and surround it by white.For summer wie put the focus on soft rose and surround it by white.For summer wie put the focus on soft rose and surround it by white.For summer wie put the focus on soft rose and surround it by white.For summer wie put the focus on soft rose and surround it by white.

My Look in Details

Love, Johanna

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