Happy 8th Anniversary Fall4Me: Off The Mainstream

Hello my beloved readership,

happy 8th anniversary Fall4Me, the fashion and lifestyle blog by Johanna Karajan based in Hamburg is entering another decade for the first time but in all those years one thing has not changed: being off the mainstream.

This greeting is what you have been reading for 8 years in many different ways. In 8 years around 500 looks, each one telling a very own story philosophizing about life – I am telling you this could become the longest series you will be ever watching – hello “How I met your mother”! What have we not gone through together, a driver’s licence, a baptism, a political path, registering to university, graduating the first studies finally, this guy, that guy, a wedding, a pregnancy, inspiring people and unforgettable city-trips as well as events. You can say that I more or less have grown-up with you just like a caterpillar is turning to a butterfly and took you with me on that journey. A huge and warm thanks to everyone who has been a part of this journey all over the years or entered this ship, I am happy to know that I got to get in touch with people who are indeed putting value on my advice, recognizing me on the street and get inspired by me. Without you guys this work and blog would just mean half as much as it does to me, my collaboration partners and to the outside.

Talking about the good relationship between a blogger and its audience I do not want to lie to you, you must have noticed it yourself that I am approximately 3/4 a year in delay with the articles on my blog which I am giving my best to make up. I do not want to give you the feeling that my blog would be my priority 435 but while many bloggers have over the years chucked in their blog and made it easier for themselves by just posting a photo daily on either Facebook or furthermore Instagram and get cash and fame for that I still stand to write articles for you which takes longer time and costly care. Apart from that many of those bloggers have made what is supposed to be a passion the center of their life taking it as a serious job which is the reason why a world breaks down for them once a collaboration partner stops the collaboration. People please, do I who is much younger than you have to tell you to stay realistic? We live in a world of economical crisis regardless from Covid-19 this period of economical crisis has lasted on since 2009 therefore you need to have a firm job with less competition which you can rely on and always come back to. I also wanted to become a fashion designer but my parents told me I should study something which opens me a large amount of doors especially to firm jobs with less hard work and a good salary. Adding periods of health diseases and other circumstances that keep you from blogging or posting daily I stand to that blogging is my biggest and most important activity in my spare time but that real life (family, household, education, work) comes first above this. It is fully normal to not always feel like blogging or posting or having a writing-blockade and I believe the acceptance of this keeps me off the mainstream…

“I do not get the appreciation or success that I would deserve.”
– Fall4Me

Fame or Same as Them?

I do not get the appreciation or success that I would deserve and it often drives me crazy but then I remember why I do not. It still does not satisfy me completely but it does make me remember that I would rather choose it this way than another way round. Last year I have told you who gets all the attention and admiration, those countless dolls that look and illustrate themselves completely the same. Other than them I have a label, my label Fall4Me and my unmistakable trademarks. I do not know how they do it but somehow they manage to deliver daily posts for their audience. Fair enough but furthermore than what I have previously described you I live; a life in diversity with real people and honest emotions and what is most important to me I still maintain a certain degree of privacy. Inside out I am the complete opposite of the mainstream in style, interest and put values and I must say that I like that and despite the continuous rather hard rising numbers I happen to like the way it is with the individual fame I enjoy and compliments I receive.

A classy elegant look in navy and lemonA classy elegant look in navy and lemon with flowers decoratedA classy elegant look in navy and lemon with flowers decoratedA classy elegant look in navy and lemon with flowers decoratedA classy elegant look in navy and lemon with flowers decoratedA classy elegant look in navy and lemon with flowers decoratedA classy elegant look in navy and lemon with flowers decoratedA classy elegant look in navy and lemon with flowers decorated

My Look in Details:

Once again I gladly present you my Easter-look (even if Whitsun is closer) for my blog-anniversary post. The always returning navy blue this time enchanted by flowers and a fresh contrast with lemon yellow to show that sun is always shining after the rain.

  • Cardigan by Comma
  • Shirt by Clockhouse/C&A
  • Pants with belt and pumps by Orsay
  • Bracelet by Parfümerie Schuback
  • Watch by Dr. Pierre Ricaud

Love, Johanna

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