Goodbye Thanh Mai Nails. Hello Hanny Beutiful Nails(?)

Hello my beloved readership,

goodbye Thanh Mai Nails and hello Hanny Beautiful Nails(?) My old nail studio had given up their business instead there is a new owner. Read my review about it here.

Today’s article is going to be a little bit out of the usual habit to tell you one of my numerous stories of my life and reinvent world with you matching to the nail art. Instead of that I would still like to share a story with you but rather with the intention to write a review.

The First Lockdown and the End of Thanh Mai Nails

We had all witnessed it: the first lockdown which took place in late winter of this year. When it first started none of us would have probably imagined the situation go this serious as we know it nowadays. We were to stay home in order to avoid people, then the mask duty took over and disinfection wards everywhere but could anyone forbid us to take walks outside? Apparently not. Anyway as I left home I noticed my usual nail studio’s windows in the neighborhood all being taped with cardboard so that no one would look inside. Then some more time later I noticed the banner of the studio having been taken off and then I started to worry. I tried to contact the boss of the studio via WhatsApp asking if they closed their nail studio completely but I did not receive an answer. I remembered that the owner’s husband once mentioned that they wanted to renovate the studio one day so I tried to calm myself with that in mind.

The Result after the Lockdown: Hanny Nails

As announced after two months of lockdown everything opened again more or less with a for then enough hygienic concept. However I was still skeptic about my usual nail studio and the entire different design. When passing it I took a peak inside and recognized the owner of my known nail studio so I stepped in relieved for now. I booked the next possible date which was just one day later and was happy to get my completely broken and weak nails done again but what I read outside I did not like at all: Paying three euros more because of the Corona-crisis. Seriously? I do not mind supporting my local business but I also found out that people who have a business (at least the not so luxury ones as Liz Malraux told us) got financial support whereas families…? Got nothing! (Yes, I had graduated from university, I am a potential worker with many qualifications but I do not find a job because of all the Corona-panic and since my husband earned too much I did not get help). So why should I be forced to pay more to support their business – or to say it in a rude way bring back their renovation costs – when I was probably more in need? (Not to mention that I am leaving at least three euros of tips after my visit in the nail studio).

As I stepped into the studio I could forget about my sorrow for a little while at least being impressed about the modern design in black and white. But I was skeptic I do not want to say bearing a heavy heart. I was desperately looking for my familiar person, the one I knew as owner of the studio, to get my usual discount and more colors for the prize of one as we more or less had a good partnership with me blogging about my nails and the stay in their studio but all she told me is that she passed this business on to the new owner: an everything but sympathetic man who probably found himself in his 40s. So instead of using these two hours for relaxing I was busy nervously convincing and trading without success – you can imagine my mood then. Anyway, yes, I could not complain about the quality of my naildo but I left the studio completely dissatisfied in a mess as I had to pay ten euros more than usual. But as neighbors I wanted to give them another chance until one of my nails broke hardly one week later and I went to let it be repaired. They asked three euros for that. What?! No way! I never experienced such a treatment before! Even when I was new to Thanh Mai Nails they agreed to repair my nails for free until my next date but not at Hanny Nails where they claimed that a reparation for free would just be within one week and not the next naildo. The next argument. My decision was final. I contacted my old friend Tham from Thanh Nails whom I left because I felt messed up by her. We talked about the current situation and the extra conditions for me and quickly came to an agreement. Ever since the Lübecker street 78 does not exist for me anymore.

“This is how you can go apart but as well find your way back to each other again and continue where you have stopped.”
– Fall4Me

Nothing to get Insulted from

Dear Mai,

dear Kevin,

there is nothing to get insulted from. You see how important service and cooperation is for a long-term relationship. This is how you can go apart but as well find your way back to each other again and continue where you have stopped. Sadly I need to take the bus and a longer way now to my new old nail studio which takes one more hour on the whole but at least the time as well as the service, relaxation- and fun-factor is right because a naildo with quality can be got at many places.

Nail art in black and metal silver.

Nail art in black and metal silver.

Love, Johanna

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