The Color Of The Year: Yellow

Hello my beloved readership,

in occasion of the color of the year 2020 I would like to take up one of my favorite topics: color-symbolic and interpretation. So, let us talk about yellow.

Out of all colors yellow has the biggest radiance. It is most commonly associated with the sunlight what for it symbolizes shine, the sun and light. All these terms are as well used to describe a happy expressed face that is way yellow means cheerfulness and optimism in the first place. But as many commonly used idioms such as “bright head” or “a light dawns on me” find their origin back in yellow it also stands for a thorough mind and intellect, a glowing intelligence that enjoys being in the center of attention because yellow is quickly and easily recognized from the distance that is why it is a conspicuous color that also holds an alerting and distance effect. Knowing that usually yellow light spreads endlessly so yellow symbolizes unlimited thinking. This warm and endlessly large color stimulates our spirit and is hard to resist, therefore its third major meaning is the absolute truth, rationality, knowledge and wisdom. Depending on its shade this bright, soothing, endless but also unreal color reveals many facets: like this a loud sun-yellow is moreover a demand for activity whereas a quiet, bright yellow or vanilla-color touches the spirit and has a calming effect as well as this shade represents intelligence and budding ideas. Golden yellow on the contrary is as gold itself: present, luxurious, sumptuous and symbolizes ruling opulence, force, self-confidence and last but not least charisma, while bright yellow is for intelligence golden yellow describes older, established and superior knowledge.

“Among all the warm colors yellow is the one that is the least tangible and unreal color.”
– Fall4Me

The shadow side of this bright and tender color is that yellow is a fleeting color that is easy to be mixed (for example into khaki). This mix lets yellow become an “impure” color. The famous Dutch painter Vincent Willen van Gogh (1853-1890) interpreted this phenomenon as instability of spirit. Furthermore this leads the rather positive yellow in its muddy “shades” to stand for untruth, jealousy, resentment, betrayal or insanity. Among all the warm colors yellow is the one that is the least tangible and unreal color.

The color of the year on my toe nails for summer.The color of the year on my toe nails for summer.

Nail Art Done by Thanh Mai Nails

Gel nails are lavish and expensive but you enjoy one hour of wellness within this urban oasis called nail studio for toe nails that look flawless for usually two months – at least for what concerns your toe nails. The better because if you pay such a rather high prize you deserve to get a good product especially in times of Covid-19-pandemic economical crisis that hit everyone deeply but enough of politics. In our rushing everyday life we take something for granted: our feet. It is recommended to take at least 6 000 steps normally 10 000 steps a day to maintain a healthy lifestyle and there we forget that our feet are probably like our lungs or eyes the hardest and most working organ but other than our lungs or eyes the least taken care of organs. They carry us along with all the burden that falls into our hands and tend to be overburdened the more important it is regardless from your gender to go for a pedicure at least every two months to maintain healthy, clean and strong feet that can continue to carry you through life. Thanh Nails offers exactly that: a foot bath, a massage and the session itself which is also very popular among men. As I found out it is possible to have gel-nails on your feed I finally attended to this offer. The Clue about it is that if you refill your hands you will get a special offer for feet and hands. Visit Thanh Nails near the central station of Hamburg at the Lange Reihe 1-5 also spontaneously.

Love, Johanna


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