Mocha Meets Mint: Unmasked

Hello my beloved readership,

mocha meets mint, nature finds back to each other as well as delicacies. This is the time to not only blossom in spring but be natural and unmasked.

Usually I address you, my dear ones, tell you one of the numerous stories of my life that have brought me where I am today and share a lecture of life with you in a basically calm and friendly way but today I would like to address someone else. However before I do that I would like to explain you that the following content of my speech may be one of the reasons that I lost the belief in friendship because every time anew many friendships of mine broke exactly the same way. Maybe not with the exact same case but in the sense of it, indeed. As this continued I seriously started thinking that probably I should change my attitude looking for the mistake in me and blaming myself but I happened to conclude so what, *** it all!

So… hello you people out there (to express it in the most neutral way),

yes, I mean you who think that they can get through with everything and it can remain unnoticed or unspoken for the sake of… what? The truth hurts, does it not? Furthermore the truth can often be unbearable, can it not? Who likes to hear the truth at all? You the least, especially the way I deliver it it can be more than exposing and humiliating (to my dear readership this sounds worse than it actually is), right? This is your first way out. Well, then let me tell you this: if you did not have a reason it would not be humiliating and exposing and you would not look for the first door out but go ahead, perhaps this is the moment when it has been about time long ago already. The times when I ran after you have stopped.

Dear readers, I told you that there is hardly anything I have not experienced with so called false friends, too busy for someone whereas never too busy for themselves, unable to do anything but never unable when it is about them they are more than able, not the resources to do something for you but… self-centralization at its highest and more precisely described: people who crave but they themselves too fine to give back anything. No surprise that a certain kind of people cannot stand the truth but does it have to be at the expense of honest emotions? No way!

“It would probably be a foolish illusion anyway to believe that everyone can and will get along with everyone.”
– Fall4Me

Why not Being a bit Natural?

The struggle is not you, my dear ones, it was not even me or perhaps it was in the means that those people I addressed could not and as a result did not want to deal with me. That is absolutely alright with me. It would probably be a foolish illusion anyway to believe that everyone can and will get along with everyone as experiences show but if it is me they do not even have to if it is supposed to be this way. Nevertheless the struggle is about honesty and openness and that would definitely require bothers which the majority of people cannot is not able to deal with therefore they live their life and leave things they are believing (or hoping that this silence is going to remain both-sided). But not with me, this is acting and far from natural behavior. Let us name it by its name: falseness. The irony in the story is that these people are screaming loudest for saving the nature and everything that belongs to it and probably in their illusion they act natural but they do not. They seeded something without harvesting it. Not anymore and not with me (and people like me) because the warm embrace of mocha is going to give us enough energy to bring a mint-like fresh path once we take the role of being natural, honest and direct and not drown things in lies and illusions.

Mint worn with mocha shades. Mint worn with mocha shades. Mint worn with mocha shades. Mint worn with mocha shades.

My Look in Details

Baby Raphel dressed in H&M on top and shoes

Love, Johanna

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