Peach, Lavender & Rhinestone Earrings: Do Not Be Afraid

Hello my beloved readership,

they are back: Peach, lavender and rhinestone earrings seen on every it-girls ears are featured. With this tender palette I want to show you to not be afraid. Of what, you ask? Read here.

Ever since thanks to a good blogger-friend of mine, who had given me this first impulse – “you could blog about your day when you wore that outfit” (because not even the best blogger can deliver you an outfit every single day) – I found out what I want to write about on my blog I have always shared stories related to my life with you. Most often they have come by occasion, some other times they perfectly match to the trend given. Either way the inspiration is lying in the air. I realized that since I got back to blogging I tell these stories more openly, more in detail and more intimately and personal, I know, whereas you still need to read between the lines. But talking about this kind of conversation can you imagine how many people actually struggle with themselves to talk about their experiences and feelings openly and honestly not to mention issues? The number is large and this mass predominates.

“[…] not let it become the part of a wide choking dark ocean that is pulling me deeper.”
– Fall4Me

“What are others going to think of me.”, the possibility of being branded making oneself weak and vulnerable towards the others. These are just the most common reasons in this context besides from the constant sorrow of whom you can actually trust and who might abuse your stories. For what concerns me the experiences I have made are also not really common or natural ones but tend to be rather heavy. Am I really this naive to share them with an unlimited unknown public then? Before answering straight to this question let me get back to the actual content of my blog. You can very well see and interpret a look yourself along with the atmosphere of the shooting, it is not necessary to put the obvious into words what matters is to pass my experience but furthermore the way I dealt with it on to you. Whatever happened to me I know that I am not the only one and certainly not the worst case so I can say that my experiences belong to life. They bear a sense and a meaning in them and with each story I tell you and each revelation I share with you I want to encourage you to never lose faith and give up. I am by far not where you might think that I think I am but I am at a point where I can deal with the one or other thing faster and not let it become the part of a wide choking dark ocean that is pulling me deeper. One way to deal with it – a commonly known, tried and tested method is to put it down into words (better handwritten but a blog does it, too) not necessarily for the people concerned but furthermore for yourself. It costs a lot of effort and courage to be speak things out – especially without hot emotions – without breaking down or having the inner courage to say “this happened to me and it is not a bad thing and it is okay because I grew over it”. But not be afraid to permit feelings or tell your story to the world. It is a part of you that belongs to you.

Find the Balance and Shine Bright

The one or other might think that I talk too much but I saw what happens to people who are keeping their sorrow and frustration for themselves or just vent about it. They lose. To life and themselves and develop mental issues they probably do not even realize anymore. Poison for every kind of interpersonal relationships. A confusion arises in themselves which gets expressed by bad blood (which is not even intended to be meant bad) or unbound aggression. So do not be afraid to talk honestly and openly. This is not a failure, not even a disgrace and least it is a sign of weakness. It is the opposite, it requires more strength than anything else, especially because it is so rare with people and is an efficient way to warm comfort and inner balance and in the second run a way for us to shine brighter than every diamond.

Lavender built around an apricot colored dress.Lavender built around an apricot colored dress.Lavender built around an apricot colored dress.Lavender built around an apricot colored dress.Lavender built around an apricot colored dress.Lavender built around an apricot colored dress.

My Look in Details

Love, Johanna

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