Chlorophyll On Royal Blue: Positivity

Hello my beloved readership,

chlorophyll on royal blue no matter if as flowers with leaves on clothes or your nails, it screams for a trend and are good sights to add positivity.

“You need more practice in this.” instead of “You cannot do this.”

“Something else would look better than you.” instead of “This does not look nice on you.”

or even “My heart belongs to someone else.” instead of “I do not love you.”

You do not need to study communication, work as outfit advisor for a popular and pricey brand or work in the communicative line of business to learn how to talk to people of all kinds and learn about the art of communication (yes, a book with such a title is finding itself in my book shelf) which is important anyway in any interpersonal relationship. It may not seem like this to you from the overview and perhaps the one or other of you might pounce on me how I can say something like this but the world we live in – the world I find – consists of so much negativity that I would like to suggest to make a positive contribution and that starts in my opinion with positive expressions of things besides from honesty and openness. What I mean is not about campaigns, trends or movements that are going around all over the world out of solidarity but single cases. I feel like ever since thanks to social media and no required real talent it may have become easier for the mass to become famous but it happens to be that because you do not have to work hard for fame and popularity people do not cherish what you have and are more likely to take rather than to return and worse put others down to boost themselves up and there are more such numerous single cases within the black numbers the unity exists only visibly.

“[…]if you feed your mind with positivity you will grow and seed positivity[…]”
– Fall4Me

But I do not want to emphasize the negative aspects of the story here. Spring is there and flowers want to blossom in all colors as well as the sun wants to shine brighter than ever. What you need to focus on now is the portrayal above: that there is always a positive side of everything or at least a less negative. Even if it may seem difficult focus on the positive and see how you can turn something negative into positive because if you feed your mind with positivity you will grow and seed positivity every time everywhere and this positivity will be the giving to your behind closed doors.

Royal blue nails with chlorophyll nails in between.Royal blue nails with chlorophyll nails in between.

Nails Done by Thanh Nails

Thanh Nails offers you more than 300 colors as it was stated by one of the staff members last time I visited their studio. As I asked the head nail artist about this statement she confirmed it and added that their head chief is regularly buying new colors which are ordered by the head artist herself who knows which colors are popular among the clients and asks for exactly those. But as you see apart from the mainstream colors such as red, pink or black they have a large variety drifting apart. However if you ask me I would wish for a larger selection of royal, cobalt or electric blue. Nevertheless I am still impressed and satisfied as when I first visited this studio the selection of colors was not half as large. Visit Thanh Nails right at the central station of Hamburg during a transit, holiday or short trip to the north German metropolis with an appointment or spontaneously. Especially during the week and before the afternoon you will be lucky with dates.

Love, Johanna


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