Ethno Pattern: Understanding Versus Understanding

Salut mes chers,

it stands for the empiric and social examination of people in the present as well as historical: the ethno pattern trend is taken as occasion to confront understanding versus understanding.

Latest ever since I have heard these words in this order I have been chasing for it consciously, to ascertain the human psychology to understand and reproduce their actions. “There is a reason for everything.” [ – Prue Halliwell/Charmed]. Whether it has been my wide sense of compassion, my unbound curiosity, a plain but extravagant hobby or my urge to talk things out in order to clear them I have always been ambitioned about being able to understand why people behave the way they do and often – especially as I grew up – I was even successful with it, so much that it left the people concerned impressed. You do not need to be a fortune teller for that. Sometimes I was even more correct than people actually wanted to admit. But this is the point: It was not my aim to be right (or wrong) all I wanted is to understand and find legitimation in actions (especially in situations of disputes) to be able to solve conflict situations or not let it come that far whether it concerned me or my fellows and this knowledge can be peace-bringing for your soul.

“Every action […] has its understandable legitimation.”
– Fall4Me

My end result is that individually regarded every action or behavior has its understandable legitimation – even objectively regarded you can understand why something happened by the hand of a person. For every individual person its act has its legit reason. But does that mean that we have to tolerate everything that happens?

No Need for Explanations

“There is no need for explanations, I do understand.” – if I got just one cent for every time I spoke these words just in the last three years I would be a millionaire by now. Even if people may not believe it, I understand otherwise things would not be majorly okay to me. But only because I can reproduce an act that does not automatically bring comprehension for that person with it (at least not at a certain point). If that was so we would not need punishments and sanctions. There is a huge difference between understanding why something happens and understanding that it happens. “As long as you can explain things there is no write or wrong”? I would not vouch for this. Every act and behavior is a decision each one of us is responsible for and as we consist of co-exist with others we should be aware that our behavior or action can affect at least one other person and if it goes really bad the bad impact can catch right us. I am able to forgive without making a big deal of it because ethno(logical) as I am into I examine my fellows but at a certain point my comprehension for that and them reaches its limits.

Ethno pattern combined with fringes and black.Ethno pattern combined with fringes and black.Ethno pattern combined with fringes and black.Ethno pattern combined with fringes and black.Ethno pattern combined with fringes and black.Ethno pattern combined with fringes and black.Ethno pattern combined with fringes and black.

My Look in Details

From Luxembourg with love, Johanna

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