Happy Valentine’s Day! Liz Malraux Spring-Summer 2020

Hello my beloved readership,

in the evening of February 14, 2020 Liz Malraux Couture presented its Spring-Summer 2020 collection. Having this in mind, happy Valentine’s Day!

Other than in summer the Liz-family this time gathered together in the Hotel Atlantic Kempinski in the heart of Hamburg. The meeting-point has been divided into four halls:

  • the entrance hall with the press-wall
  • the foyer in which the pre-show as well as after-show party took place
  • the side hall, where the catwalk for the so called “no age”-models – customers of different ages completely dressed in LMC – was placed
  • the main hall where the show took place.

Of course there was another dressing room for the models and after the show for potential customers behind the scenes however since the entrance to that room is restricted it is left out of this order.

17.00 pm

The fashion show had already begun at the entrance, not only thanks to the fashion show of the no age models before the actual fashion show but because each guest looked no different than the models on the catwalk in their creation and personal interpretation of Liz Malraux.

Pre-show of Liz Malraux Couture
My debut in my LMC outfit. © 2020 Anastasja Black

18.00 pm: a best of Liz Malraux Spring-Summer 2020 recap

Environmental protection, lastingness and durability in the most fast-moving field in the world: fashion. These three terms have been the main-emphasises for the Hamburg star-designer within the bounds of this collection.

New York Couture

New Vogue

New Vogue by Liz Malraux Couture
The designer believes in 2020 to be a great year therefore it is no surprise her lucky-color is green as it has been the motto-color for her reception for New Year’s Eve last month. © 2020 Fall4Me

Topics that concern the world Liz Malraux has taken up launching the trends of the year for example with her tote bags with different embroideries on it. These versatile to use bags can function as shopping bag as well as handbag or as she recommended to me personally as baby bag.


Tricolore by Liz Malraux Couture
Black, white and yellow are the trend colors of 2020. Therefore this theme has correspondingly been named Tricolore. © 2020 Fall4Me

Golf Collection

Golf Collection by Liz Malraux
The pink included in the “Golf Collection” – which was more of an interlude – is a very own shade of pink exclusively created by Liz Malraux. © 2020 Fall4Me

Another leading society topic that has made it to the catwalk of Liz Malraux is girl-power: on the one hand with a woman – who is no one less than model and host Diana Richter – instead of a man hosting her fashion show since last year and in occasion of the remake of Wonder Woman and many other super heroines leading the screens of cinema her corresponding collection.


Milano by Liz Malraux Couture
The clue with the “Milano”-theme: the buttons. Noble pieces of art that make the single pieces special. © 2020 Fall4Me

St. Tropez

Love towards the detail: this is what Liz Malraux Couture is famous for. Crocodile leather and crocodile leather patches: what is bouclé for Chanel is this material for Liz Malraux Couture. But furthermore I would consider Liz Malraux as the German Coco Chanel with Polish roots of the 21st century, not only because no designer else realises the bouclé cloth so fine as Liz Malraux but also because – besides from having at least an as striking and unmistakable trademark – if her guests are not wearing LMC they come in Chanel. Appropriate? Yes but Chanel is the only appropriate label.


Jungle by Liz Malraux Couture
The travel collection “Jungle” is Liz Malraux’ help against the winter blues. © 2020 Fall4Me


Fantasy by Liz Malraux Couture

Talking about family I consider the soirées held by Liz Malraux the most personal ones. Same faces to recognise each time anew, same staff, the designer‘s three-headed-family supporting her off stage behind the video-camera with her daughter filmmaker and videographer Anastasja Black filming the fashion show and her husband helping her directing everything as much as his wife. With that it is no surprise that Liz Malraux always shares things of her private life with her “extended-family”. This time one of her favourite undertakings to relax at home: cosy watching movies such as “Out Of Africa”, and one other passion besides from riding horses: playing golf. In order to that she presented two themes.


Baccara by Liz Malraux Couture

Denim in Different Nuances

Denim in different nuances by Liz Malraux Couture
The upgrade by Liz Malraux Couture for jeans to be worn on high-class-events. © 2020 Fall4Me

But Africa was not the only journey Malraux had taken us to. Just like her guests came from many parts of Germany and Europe so have parts of her collection been inspired by wide parts of the world from fashion metropolises to the city where dreams are made up to favourite luxury resorts for holidays. This fashion show has been truly international as well as multicultural. But Liz Malraux proves as usual that different things perfectly harmonize together.


Calypso by Liz Malraux Couture

19.15 pm

The grand final has been announced. Right on time our baby whom we had taken with us woke up while he had been asleep during the whole show and admired two rounds of creations one more beautiful than the other.

The baby admiring the models

19.30 pm

The show was over and the hall got empty slowly but surely and if you think fashion was the only thing people have been talking about then you should have seen everyone approaching us telling us how impressed they have been about our baby being so peaceful and calm during the show – the host included – despite the very bright light, applause and loud music.


Passion by Liz Malraux CoutureLiz Malraux and her bride model

The foyer turned to a real disco at the after show party with light-effects in the darkened room. For those who are less of the party type the room beside was silent and fully lightened.

Personally I prefer the event taking place at the Grand Elysée because besides from the main hall and the dressing room you only have one big room instead of three divided ones where you can find everyone from everywhere and where you can be seen and recognised perfectly and not miss anyone or anything and even for photos you do not need to tear anyone out of any room or occupation. In addition the traffic is calmer and so the parking as well as the stop and go possibilities are better.

Diana Richter hosting the fashion show
The model in between the models: host Diana Richter

Huge thanks to Liz Malraux and her entire team for another beautiful fashion show, for always bringing us together and making Valentine’s Day the most unforgettable one ever!

The videographers are ready to setAfter the show with Anastasja Black

On my official Instagram account you can view more photos.

Follow Liz Malraux Couture, Anastasja Black, her host Diana Richter and her models Lia Kemendi, Lory Irol, Nikol Švantnerova, Oumy Sahko-Wagner, Tereza Fajksová, Tina Jahnke, Veronika Chmelířová and Zoe Helali.

Love, Johanna


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