Valentine’s Day Nailart: My Manual About Relationships

Hello my beloved readers,

With my Valentine’s Day nailart I want to present you what to wear on that day in 2020: A rocky style in black and pink with blue accents. As it comes to this day dedicated to the lovers and especially to the married ones I would like to dedicate my manual about relationships (love-wise ones) to it.

Valentine’s Day is nigh therefore let us remember the meaning of this day which is hated as passionately by one type of people as it is loved by the other types of people in this world. Having its origin in the religion the church declared this day to honor married couples until florists and the gift industry have commercialized it and the misleading term of diversity and modernity turned it the way they like it. Probably if it stayed the way it is and what it stands for originally it would have been less hated. At this point I realize that probably one manual about loving relationships alone would not be enough generally but fine for one blog article. Perhaps I should take aim to write a manual about Valentine’s Day itself for the next year and I am also thinking of changing the term of manual to column but before I could consider that I need to present you my article “Superior” soon. But enough of this messy introduction.

Infamous Couples

Probably when reading these lines, or even just the title, you may wonder what gives me the right or what makes me so much better than others to give people advises on how to have a relationship and that if everyone is happy the way it is things are fine and should be left alone but talking about modernity and loving relationships I have noticed a serious change which is taking up something I had already described in my manual about family (hey! This time it did not take me so long to deliver a manual after the other!). I am an observer, an analyst and I am surrounded by many different people despite from having my own experiences. Those ahead are my parents who have been married for 29 years and could never be apart entirely just like Al and Peggy Bundy, an infamous couple! So this is where I get my conclusions.

The Double-Edged Sword

For me personally Valentine’s Day has a special meaning; it is the day when my meanwhile husband and father of my child have officially become a couple. So it is twice as meaningful to me especially when I think of all the obstacles we have mastered together in the end. I have already heard that many people are absolutely annoyed by this we-attitude of many couple who stick together so much that they would even go to the toilet together. It is no surprise that some healthier couples are worried about the individuality of both partners here. But this is a double-edged sword. Some couples do not even feel the need of spending even important events together and then they should not be surprised that at a certain point their relationship is stagnating, not going well or rather the couple is not a team – because latest when you have children you would need to become a dream team – or that the potential parents-in-law are not satisfied with the choice of their child. Yes I am intending to lead to the famous as well as unclear golden middle.

“I start to (…) wonder what happened to the generation of our parents?”
– Fall4Me

The Perfect Couple

Trust me, I myself am also like “Seriously…?” when we are hanging out within a group of friends and couples start kissing and cuddling, guys therefore we have our bedrooms and the very end of the day but when I see that the supposed lovers are completely fine without their partner or rather nearly chase for friends or the family they came from I start to worry and wonder what happened to the generation of our parents? My mother says it correctly, she loves us but there is nothing more important to her than her husband and do you know what? It is absolutely ok and moreover it is right! I feel the same about my own husband. Yes, they argue, all couples do, it is what makes them perfect when they are able to one moment later love each other again as if nothing happened. A strong couple is tougher than a whole army and I never said that you have to stick to each other 24/7 but ask yourself at least once a day why are you in this relationship? What do you want from this relationship? And what do you do for this relationship. It is not about what happens around you, it is about what happens between you. It is not healthy to constantly stick to each other, you need some distance to active the magnet called love because it is worrying if you do not at the end of the day feel the need of your partner, miss him or her and do not place him or her as your number one. A good relationship is the feeling of needing your partner most when being upset and being impatient when to see your partner when something good happens and last but not least it is the feeling of being incomplete when your partner is not not there but further away for a longer while.

Black nails with pink having a slight blue shimmer and rocky accessories.Black nails with pink having a slight blue shimmer and rocky accessories.

Back at Thanh Nails

In one of the upcoming posts I am going to clear you up about something which I have probably owed you for a longer time already. Know for now that I am back at my old nail-stylist who however changed her studio to the Lange Reihe 1-5 and I am more satisfied than ever. All comes to its place when the time is right. More on that in later terms but for now if you want to have a nail studio right in the heart of Hamburg with a kind staff you find it close to the central station.

Love, Johanna

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