Chrome Nail Art In Purple & Green: Know Me

Hello my beloved readers,

I tried out the chrome nail art in purple and green and realized that you have to get to know me in order for things to get along well.

Even though in the end they all lead to one and the same topic I have more than one introduction for you. I try to put them into a kind of logical order:

  1. What turned out to be green was supposed to be silver on my ring finger but never mind, maybe this accident turned out to be something better.
  2. After all, green is the hope, words I am always going to bear on my mind and in my heart as they were said by someone dear and special to me [G.W.]. Therefore green has become special to me, too.
  3. And because purple is my most favorite color – it was just a stupid name test on a well-known social media platform – I mixed these two colors and the result was the core story of my life which I needed to share (what I usually do not do).
  4. This nail art was there when I needed it, but I just realized it at the second sight.
  5. Finally, in the end I recently watched something and realized that sometimes and everywhere you just have to know me so that peace can be built and good times can come.
  6. By me I of course do not necessarily or only mean myself but mes in general.

So lately I have watched an episode of one of these series I am currently watching. A truly beautiful one, you are cheering with the characters, you are crying for them because you perfectly feel and understand them and therefore sometimes it is hard to let go. One of these series you cannot wait to watch on but also fear them to be over sooner than you would actually want to. Maybe you are going to know which series I am talking about when I reveal a minor part of the story but either way, find it out for yourself [smile and wink].
Anyway there was this girl, pure and innocent, talented and well-educated. While she was just chasing her dreams with hard work and the intelligence she was gifted with the most popular girl of the new school made her unwillingly her new competition and was truly bitchy to her and so it continued until once ironic as fate is it brought them together into a learning group. They started to get to know each other better by doing things together and I as audience found out that basically they did not differ so much from each other. In the end they did not only have an armistice but became a unity together.

“One flower is beautiful but a bundle of flowers is breath-taking!”
– Fall4Me

Why did I want to share this story with you? Because it is a revelation! It is telling the story of two girls and concerns people at every age in the real world. It opens our eyes and makes us understand the one or other circumstances afterwards but what is most important is that we do not know each other, we humans regard each other superficially and therefore we focus on the mindset of survival of the fittest or hide until the war is over and whoever has the best place to hide survives. But if we take our time to know each other, understand each other and approach each other instead of pushing each other away we can become a stronger unity. It was not an accident, these two colors mixed, the green outcome instead of silver, this story at this time and a corresponding trend. Humans need other humans to maintain and survive like green needs its colorful petals and they are needed in an uncountable mass in order to become a strong unity. One flower is beautiful but a bundle of flowers is breath-taking! Make peace with your fellows but therefore you have to get to know them.

Chrome nails in purple and green on the ring fingers.Chrome nails in purple and green on the ring fingers.Chrome nails in purple and green on the ring fingers.

Chrome: Technique by Thanh Mai Nails & Wellness

Metallic shimmering colors that are catching eyes like magnets attract metal these are not usual colors even though they are mixed among them but they are known as chrome colors. Chrome colors have a special coating what for they are usually supposed to least two weeks instead of four or five even though they are as expensive as other costly done nails due to their technique. The owner herself said to me that she was impressed that the nails in fact survived more than two weeks on my fingers.

Love, Johanna

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