The End: Nails In Black & Black With Glitter

Hello my beloved readers,

at the end of this year the nails are in black and black with glitter in fir green in order to match the celebrating season at least a little bit.

The end of my year 2019 has been exactly this: black. Sad, with grief, hard and consequent and what for? Because a problematic (we call it) human being that was not honest to us, itself and in the end shot itself in its knee with that plan hammered out. The source of all this? Jealous. …and the personal issue of not being the center of attention anymore [I would love you guys see me rolling my eyes heavily now.] but I am going to take up this jealousy by another time as this deserves its very own article. And all this right in between of Christmas and New Year’s Eve holidays… can you believe it?

However I believe that just like the shimmer and glitter on the major part of my nails there was a spark of hope in this whole story. Probably a new beginning? Certainly(!) or not quite… rather something like a restart; after all, you can never start from entirely zero and erase everything that has happened so far. That would mean that you would reset, forget and forgive everything that has happened so far and if there is something you should not do it is that. You should take everything experienced, get over it and start over with all the consequences you have taken for yourself otherwise it would be like an insecure girl running after one and the same man who keeps degrading and harming her again and again out of love and blindly forgiving everything with him not changing one bit at all. That is not the way it should be! You should be hard and consequent, self-confident and unbreakable like black is. But therefore you have to break and break out of this vicious circle in the end. Do not fall into the same so called “Stockholm syndrome” again and again, never for no one. Put an end if it is needed and use the occasion given.

In this context I want to thank my elder brother P. for opening my eyes and helping with that to break out in the end and the occasion following for confirming me in my choice. Believe it or not but even I had stuck into this Stockholm syndrome for two and a half years and more or less wasted what was supposed to be the best years of my life.

Black nails and black nails with green glitter.Black nails and black nails with green glitter.

Naildo by Thanh Mai Nails & Wellness

Black would be too black to celebrate and honor Christmas time? Yes, yes… yes. Probably not for those who are living a consequent style in black but at least for me and despite my love and point-of-view towards that color. But what if you are in a mood for black despite the celebrating season? What if you want to add an accent color but not drift away from black too much and what if aurora borealises are no option this time? Choose a black with glitter in another color included. Thanh Mai Nails & Wellness can offer you exactly this.

Love, Johanna

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