10 Reasons To Travel To Cologne

Hello my dear readers,

media, fashion, sights – Cologne is a city for every kind of enthusiasts. People mainly go to see the carnival-Mecca for its pre-fasting-time celebration, its soccer-team and its famous beer “Kölsch” but besides from that there is much more. Here I present you 10 reasons to visit Cologne.

1. Media City

RTL, VOX, Pro7 & co. the major entertainment-channels of Germany are all located in Cologne. Besides from that as well the Western-German Radio has its headquarters in Cologne. If you are burning to discover one of the huge German media-cities (besides from Hamburg) -> visit Cologne.

The building of the Western-German radio WDR

2. Fashion Inspiration

It is no surprise that a major media city would as well hold many fashion bloggers, enthusiasts and influencers (besides from Berlin and Hamburg). At every corner you are finding boutiques full of fashion inspiration that are standing out from the average trends.

One of the numerous boutiques in Cologne

3. Shopping Paradise

Schildegasse to Hohe Strasse, Heumarkt to Neumarkt regardless from the Glamour Shopping Week, which makes every place a shopping paradise, in the city center of Cologne you have it all: a huge variety, selection as well as possibilities to get what you did not find in shop number one just one street further.

4. Famous Sights

The town hall, the famous Cathedral of Cologne and other memorials. Cologne is a city that is holding many world cultural heritages you should have visited at least once.

5. Old Buildings

The streets of Cologne are telling stories as well as writing history all the way. At the Rudolf square you are finding for example an old city gate.

An old city gate at the Rudolf square in Cologne

6. Fun at Every Corner

Cologne is not only funny during carnival. It is remaining its good humor all over the year.

Monkeys in Cologne

7. Hard Rock Café

Any Hard Rock Café lovers here? One of your stations is Cologne.

Hard Rock Café in Cologne

8. Places From T.V.

In connection with reason one – these crane houses are kind of the first things you see when Cologne is shown on television. Make the vision reality.

The crane houses of Cologne

9. Your Child…

…is with you even if you have left it at home in Hamburg. As we started our shopping-day a shop called… [you see it] caught my eye right away.

Raphael Cologne

10. Harbour Boat Trips

…are something for old people and pedants? Where is the romantic in you? A boat trip is the best way to see everything a city is holding in the most comfortable way. In addition you are lucky enough to do this tour on the famous Rhine-river.

The Rhine-river in Cologne

You Are Going To Love It!

Visiting Cologne the first weekend of October has pretty much become a tradition for the trio of my brother (the mastermind), my husband (the driver) and myself (the organizer). It is a mix of duty and amusement without a part of the family who as well belong our best friends but better with them! It is happy, relaxed and funny and feels like a whole lot of a vacation. Next stop: Cologne!

A souvenir shop in Cologne

Love, Johanna

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