Purple Nails With Red Accents: Losing & Finding

Hello my beloved readers,

Purple nails with red accents is telling the story of a couple that has met in their childhood as strangers and constantly kept losing but finding each other again up to their deserved happy end through good and rough times. You do not have to be lovers – it can be friends and even family – but I am sure you have such a relationship at least once, too.

Whoever thinks the scenario I described exists in fairy tales only let me tell you that even fairy takes have their sources of inspiration. This could be your fairy tale and your happy end, I experienced it on my own skin! Probably this is the meaning of the phrasing “if you love somebody let them go. For if they return they were always there. And if they don’t they never were.” (K. Gibran). I very well understand the fear of letting go, trust me, and if it would be me I would never let someone go if I do not have to but it never is in our choice or control to let go. The circumstances and above that fate of life forces and challenges us to do so with a very heavy heart.

Do not be about losing and/or letting go. Goodbye does not mean farewell and “maybe we really need some distance before it all breaks”, it goes according to one of the songs I had once written. Once having let go the situation seems hopeless and we ourselves feel helpless but letting go with your completely heart and soul purely is required for things to turn well again. If you nervously stick on something you are rather going to lose it entirely but if you learn to go on, fight on and develop on – with what is so precious to you that you cannot let it go easily like that – then it is going to come back to you on its very own one day with this day not being so far off. It takes a process to let go and it is bearing a risk, doubtlessly but we have to accept both of the ways it can go in the end. However, let me promise you one thing for sure whatever way it will take it is going to be a happy end for you.

But this story is not about losing. It is about finding. In life we lose a lot of things we used to love dearly but then they were taken away from us. But just like the numerous reasons why we lost something or rather someone are different there are many things that may bring you together again. Sometimes you may lose it or them more than once but know that if they once came back they can come back again. You just have to find each other.

Nails in shimmering ultraviolet and glittery red on the ring-finger and thumb.Nails in shimmering ultraviolet and glittery red on the ring-finger and thumb.Nails in shimmering ultraviolet and glittery red on the ring-finger and thumb.

Naildo by Thanh Mai Nails & Wellness

With this I present you two of the new colors the owner of the nail studio had bought. By this season she had imported a bundle of new color for which I could not wait to try all of them out one after the other. For someone like me who likes to try out many different colors and combinations according to my mood and tries to take up the different trends yet puts effort in living slow fashion in the means of re-wearing my clothes it important to me to have a large variety of colors because the same all the time can become boring easily.

Love, Johanna

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