True Or False? Pregnancy-Myths

Hello my beloved readership,

true or false? There are a lot of myths about pregnancy and a lot we see in television but is it all true? Find out here!

A tapered baby bump
Girls steal their mother’s beauty? I am going to let you decide once I expect a girl. © 2019 Fall4Me

Weird Eating-Behaviors

Weird eating-behaviors can be very versatile the most famous ones around pregnancy are:

Eating for Two

False! When you are pregnant you need to eat for two – not necessarily. The intervals of hunger may become shorter and may step in at times when you would not eat anymore because someone else controls your hunger now but you do not eat twice as big portions as usual.

Weird Combinations

False! Ice-cream with shrimps? Thanks but no thanks. As I told you in my last pregnancy-article there are two types of pregnant women: the deliberate ones because of the nausea and the ones who follow their desires mindlessly but it does not drift out as much.

Ravenous Hunger

True! Daddies-to-be remember(!!!) if your lady sees something and basically indicates that she wants it money does not play a role anymore, get her what she wants to show her you are there for her and that you would do anything for her thus the obstacles. Think at least of your unborn child that desires that through its mother.

Pickled Gherkin

False! Pregnant women are crazy for that? It is at least not the ultimate food for pregnant women.


The most famous cliché of pregnancy is not mentioned for no reason.


True! This nausea is caused by the hunger that has developed through numerous hours of the night when you have been asleep. My solution for that has been that I have had crackers next to my bed so that it should not come to the nausea in the morning.

Swollen Feet

True! The swollen feet develop towards the end of pregnancy staring approximately from week 34 (six weeks before the birth). The reason for that is the build-up of fluid. The feet grow after pregnancy? Yes, at least a little bit. Your feet might become 0,5 to 1 size bigger.

Hurting Breasts

False! Probably because of the milk ejection, one might think. This was the case after pregnancy during the breastfeeding-time but not before that.

Mood Swing

True! Especially that pregnant women tend to be emotional. This is due to the hormones but do not worry you will become your old self soon again.

Cramps In The Calf

True! Get ready for that in the third trimester of pregnancy but do not worry, as soon as this is the case magnesium powder is going to fix it quickly.

Hints On The Gender

I am looking forward to the stupid face you are going to make when total strangers tell you about your unborn treasure’s gender just due to some hints. Otherwise you can prepare yourself with the following hints:


Draw! Boy or girl does not matter the pregnancy-nausea is there with every woman. What counts here is the duration of the nausea: boys are kinder to their mothers because if you expect a girl the nausea can endure the whole pregnancy. With boys however it should only last the first twelve weeks.

Baby Bump

True! The shape of the baby bump truly is decisive and turned out to be more than a myth: if your bump is tapered people are going to know that it is a boy. If your baby bump is wide it is a hint on a girl.

Gastric Pyrosis Hints On A Hairy Baby

True! You might be surprised about how hairy the babies can be born but if you have it you can be sure that your baby is going to have a covered head more or less. By the way: gastric pyrosis is another cause of nausea during the pregnancy and it can even wake you up at night and lead you right over the toilet bowl even if your pregnancy-nausea has passed. In order to avoid that find out what is supporting this disease and avoid this food until your child is born. For me it was fish and spicy things.


Draw! Pregnancy was a period when I have already felt overtaxed with everything therefore I have prevented this myth by working with to-do-lists almost daily in order not to forget anything. This made my everyday-life a little bit easier from the beginning of the day on. So probably the overtaxing might be the reason of the infamous pregnancy-dementia – if it really exists – but you can easily prevent it.

INFO: Will It Be Like It Was Again?

Do you remember about these worries you have had? Do you also laugh about them meanwhile? You understand what I am hinting on? Even it seems in the moment of disease that you might never be able to to each something you used to love or not be the strong-hearted self-confident woman you used to be because you break out in tears because of the most simple thing, do not worry, one day you are going to think back of this worry of yours and smile about it.

No Comparisons!

You learn it within the frames of your wedding and you are going to learn it during your personal pregnancy: No pregnancy is comparable to each other! It should as well not be compared to any other pregnancy because human are different and in the end the hopes you put due to someone else’s experience is mostly going to end in a disappointment. This does not mean however that talking to other young mothers or fellow pregnant women is an absolute no-go. It is good to talk to fellows in order to collect good hacks and hints on prevent diseases.

Love, Johanna

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