Cognac On Turquoise: Soulmates

Hello my beloved readership,

the only look that tells a story in September 2019 is about two colors that happen to come back as a pre-autumn trend every few years. This time they tell about one dress that has become special and two soulmates who might be like this color-duo.

Dear soulmate,

about three weeks ago we have had a horrible fight. But even worse than this fight was that it was all based on a huge misunderstanding. I can understand why you acted the way you did yet I want you to be open and honest with me, anytime about anything. I know that in the heat of the moment I said many hurtful and misleading things which made you understand nothing but that I would not take you as you are and furthermore not regard you as equal but as disgrace. In the aftermath I found out why these things were even more hurtful to you than they were supposed to be (from my point-of-view harmless).

This Saturday it will be three weeks since then. You had decided to take a heavy step and wished to go separate ways and even if I resisted to give up on you I said my part to conclude with this, for now, and instead of remaining in silence we kept talking and talking. As I reached my high-point of hope time came in between and forced us to be patient.

Three weeks will have been passed that it all happened. Did anything change? At least when we talk it feels like nothing happened but yet not everything is where it belongs. Maybe we really need some distance before it all breaks. But at the same time I am torn between life philosophies and signs of the universe (another “dot” from the “How I Met Your Mother”-Principle). I must confess that in this time there has not been the possibility to maintain just even one single whole week in absolute silence. Wherever I go I see things that remind me of you and about which I feel urged to share them with you and even if I do not leave home exactly the same happens. Maybe a small approach step by step is the key? I feel really confused about what we have now and I do not know what is going on. Only you could give an answer but you refuse to do so. I really do not know what to do. But I keep going in silence between both of us hoping and not losing belief even if it is hard at times.

Dear soulmate,

I understand what is going on inside you; more than you yourself would probably like to admit in this moment and it is okay, it really is. I have you in my thoughts and I have you in my views. I see what is going on around and with you. You needed someone to talk and to vent with. You feel the need to share your deep thoughts as the result of your suffer. You keep going. You are surrounded by love. You probably distract yourself in the heaviest ways to make them the most efficient ones. Yet I see that you are not in your best state. You are in the same state as I find myself in. Our hearts are beating the same. Our ways are the same. We belong to each other’s life. We make each other complete because thus our difference we are soulmates.

A Dress is just a Dress, until…

I used to have a close friend who said the following words: “You are going to either hate or love this bag for the eternity depending on what memories you are going to create if you decide to first use it with this guy.”
Back then she was talking about my first designer bag, the handbag from Ralph Lauren in connection with my back then love interested whom I was going to meet for the first time one week later. For those who do not know the end of that story, do not worry, the memories I have with this bag are wonderful ones – after all I would not wear it this often anyway even if more than four years passed ever since and time is supposed to heal wounds in any way. This love interest has become the father of my baby boy meanwhile (winks).

It is similar with this dress: It was something special because I had to dare myself to buy such an extravagant item. Then I saw that it was crafted in France and I bought it with the voucher I got for my birthday from my best friend from university. Many reasons for me to wear this dress on very special occasions: our trip to Cologne and when picking up my soulmate from the airport whom I would not have seen for five years and who is going to come for our son’s baptism and first birthday party.

Every dress, every piece of jewelry and every accessory reminds me of a person or an event of my life and every single item is as special as you make it. But would you throw something away immediately only because the memories turn to be bad at one point? Just as the turquoise-cognac trend they might celebrate a comeback one day, not because time buried anything to heal but because it did its magic to turn the memories good again like I believe it will be with my soulmate.

A turquoise dress with flowers in shades of cognac and golden accessories.A turquoise dress with flowers in shades of cognac and golden accessories.A turquoise dress with flowers in shades of cognac and golden accessories.A turquoise dress with flowers in shades of cognac and golden accessories.A turquoise dress with flowers in shades of cognac and golden accessories.A turquoise dress with flowers in shades of cognac and golden accessories.A turquoise dress with flowers in shades of cognac and golden accessories.

My Look in Details

Love, Johanna

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