Do It With Heart: Birthday Nails

Hello my beautiful readers,

my birthday nails take up one of my favorites: glitter, metallic, two colored and purple; a heart-decision. Do it like me and do it with heart.

…the continuation and part two of my heart-decision column: If you do not do it with heart do not do it at all; one of my big, main and significant mantras. This topic divided into two both taking up purple, my power-color. Do not do it if you are going to use your act as secret weapon in an argument and hit a sensitive point with the person you did it for and do it with heart, everything you do, because everything else would be a waste.

“Half-hearted things done always promise to be without success and bring bad luck.”
– Fall4Me

No matter if it concerns gifts, a relationship or something daily, I hate half-hearted actions and you should do so too because half-hearted things done always promise to be without success and bring bad luck – probably not in the means of misfortune but they never have a good or peaceful outcome for everyone concerned. “A gift has to come from heart.”, we all know these words more than well but as meanwhile this selfless act or act of politeness has become a duty for the one or other deals arise to let it be and go without them and even those who more than gladly love to give gifts suffer from this because a gift would force the gifted one to gift you in return with something at least of equal value. The manual about giving gifts is yet to come but this confrontation and the fact that people easily use their acts of charity or favors as secret (reproachful) weapon or portray it as heroic deed leaves me thinking: What is still done by heart nowadays? People lose their passion, ambition and love towards the little and natural things and somehow suddenly everything has become a bad muss. No satisfaction to feelings of joy no enthusiasm. Everything is lost and once you become passionate towards something you are branded crazy.

Let me tell you the following: even the blindest person is going to notice if you do not do anything with heart. I do not want to get too spiritual or esoteric but the aura is clearly visible, apart from the result as well is if you just throw up things. The beauty of creation is lying in our hearts. Our hearts give our creations a heart to beat and ever since everything has been a creation in this world. Separate yourself and your mind from (bad) experiences, rationality and forces and try not to transmit it to your fellows do everything you do with heart and start to do more things with heart adapting your mind to that and see the good. Get contacted with the good in the tiring things and do them with heart. Then you will be more successful and happier and take your surrounding with you.

Metallic glittery nails in purple and magenta.Metallic glittery nails in purple and magenta.

Nail Art Done by Thanh Mai Nails & Wellness

Without the need of a lavish technique I could have my favorite color-combination of purple and magenta as metallic glittery duo for my birthday. The studio of Thanh Mai Nails & Wellness in the city center of Hamburg has a very large variety of colors. From glittery to metallic, neon to matte whenever however you may feel like you can have it. If you take the glittery too often the staff may offer you their glitter technique which is a little bit costlier than just putting on colors. Do not be shy to say no to that if you do not need it.

Love, Johanna


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