Pregnant… And Now?

Hello my beloved readership,

pregnant… and now? It is not done with the certainty about pregnancy. Follow these easy steps and you are best prepared.

Pregnant woman eating french fries and chicken
Chicken and French fries – can you stand that any longer?

Whether you are happy about it or not – whereas I rather hope that you are happy about these news – even the, as some mothers claim, “most wonderful pregnancy” is a tough period for mothers-to-be. While some feel uncertain about if they are ready or not for this responsibility and massive change of life at all some women can perfectly deal with it. Either way a good preparation for the not so short and not to underestimate time incoming is the requirement of a carefree pregnancy. Your child is going to thank you for that.

INFO 1: How Am I Going To Feel Ready For Pregnancy & Motherhood?

This is something you and only you can find out for yourself. Neither can anyone beat the readiness into your head nor is there an absolute recipe of how to do it and as a result make it work for the long-term.

All I can tell you is that you do not need to worry if you have not been ready for the new stage of life coming from the first day on you knew about it. It is fully alright to have mixed feelings – not because of the hormones that are said to go crazy but because of the bunch you have to think about. If you have not felt ready immediately because this massive change and all that it brings with it is truly heavy, trust me, you are going to feel ready in the passage of time as pregnancy develops.

1. Sharing Is Caring

The most important thing to remember is: you are not alone with your pregnancy! The ideal case is to have a partner – who is the father of your child – by your side. But even if not, then to at least have a mother who is always having your back or a friend who is going to keep your secret and support you or another trustworthy person and even if it is just the gynaecologist.
Attention: Choose wisely whom you are telling what because not every pregnant woman wants her secret to be passed on without her knowing, let go without her permission. My body, my decision!

Legit: You, as mother to be tell your husband, your parents and siblings. If your siblings have partners they tell their partners as well because a good relationship has openness, immediate telling and trust as base.

Not legit: If your husbands tells his part of the family, your parents their parts of their family and furthermore without your permission and knowledge! No matter as who you read this and what reasons you may have to tell somebody unconsidered about somebody else’s pregnancy, trust me, two seconds of asking the permission is worth everything.

2. Doctor’s Appointment

A clear pregnancy test is good, a medical examination better and necessary from now on. Call your gynaecologist and report about your pregnancy. He or rather she is the only person out of the close circle to be told about the pregnancy right away. You are going to be given an appointment as soon as possible, most likely the next day.

3. Deliberateness

May it be passive smoking, stress or the switch of your body, remember two words: be careful, be considerate. Especially in the first three months you have to be extremely careful for your unborn treasure, avoid any kind of stress, hectic and conflict and escape smog – yet pay attention in order people not come behind your secret. Be brave enough to ask people to to stop smoking when you cannot escape the smoke. Apart from that eat deliberately. The myth about pregnancy and food-issues is true somehow. Suddenly you are not going to stand things you could have eaten before pregnancy without issues. Nausea is natural and belongs to pregnancy but if you can avoid it with special diet then do it and start with harmless food. Otherwise my mother found it better to eat and drink whatever your heart desires and spit it out right away if your body regrets it. Decide for yourself which option is better for you.

INFO 2: Do I Need To Tell My Boss Immediately?

This question is a double-edged sword: on the one hand the legal protection of working mothers insists you to tell your boss about your pregnancy as soon as you know it yourself in order your boss to create a safe surrounding for you. On the other hand gynaecologists suggest their patients to wait for week 13 until they announce their pregnancy. The reason therefore is that in the first three months the pregnancy may be there but not confirmed as it can come to a sudden miscarriage for the most simple reasons. In order not to make a nightmare come true most of the mothers to be keep their pregnancy a reason up to the at least fourth month – to protect themselves as well as their unborn and their family.

Love, Johanna

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