Light Blue & White: See.The.Light.

Hello my beloved readers,

as the sky looks much different at the beach in midsummer: a deep light blue sky with fluffy white clouds makes the surface of the world look clear and bright. Furthermore it makes you see the light you have been missing at least all over the year.

You cannot cherish the light if there is no darkness in your world. But if there is only light to you in your life you tend to see the dark in within the slightest difference and confrontation with your comfort zone. As much as the concept of an enemy you have created in your mind towards someone might fight it in order to convince you from the opposite you only keep seeing the bad and unconsciously spreading the bad looking for comfort and protection. In this misled illusion you think legit of all your action but miss to show consideration for that someone. Know that at least I know that you do not mean it in a bad way but you have to change… pardon me, develop from your point of view.

“Sometimes. Just sometimes you might be lucky and all those things you consider bad actually have good intentions.”
– Fall4Me

Sometimes. Just sometimes you might be lucky and all those things you consider bad actually have good intentions. It is not all bad that is different let go new. Of course you have to be in favor to open your heart for the different and new confrontation but you as well have to learn that what seems bad, unfair or ruthless to you is a way to help YOU get better and become a better person. A harsh seeming way actually is all energy of your head combined with all the feelings and emotions bared in your heart gathered together to one strength that wants to be passed on to you, the one who keeps seeing the bad in the unknown. See. The. Light. Open your eyes, open your head and open your heart. See the light and see the good in the actions that you kept and others not better than you in that situation want to talk bad. Sometimes you might be lucky enough to be explained that the actions done are not meant in a bad way but not everyone will serve that up on a silver platter to you in order to make you figure that out on your own. But therefore you have to see the light in the darkness you have created or the darkness that has been dominating and dazed your surrounding.

Deep light blue and white nailsDeep light blue and white nails

Nails Done by Thanh Mai Nails & Wellness

This special nail art is a retrospective to my wedding nails as well as my first time chez and with Thanh Mai Nails & Wellness. Back then I just needed my nails done without losing much of time and if possible flawlessly for the most important day of my life.

Well, after my long time trusted nail artist finally gave me the rest letting me hanging this occasion made me realize to finally let go and search for new ways which turned out to be the better ones.

I have been a client to the Thanh Mai Nails & Wellness studio for over two years now and I always connect good memories with them: their overly kind, adorable staff of which every member does an excellent work, their always first-aid take of time no matter what and their careful work. Even as constant client they never take you for granted and treat you like a treasure.

Honoring this anniversary connected with my occasional wedding anniversary for my second one I have chosen a similar nail art with the same white but a different blue and the position of the colors switched. An alternative wedding nail art which turns out to be a trend of the season furthermore.

Love, Johanna

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