Navy Blue Meets Cognac: I Can Do It!

Hello my beloved readers,

when navy blue meets cognac and it actually works well anything is possible! Stop thinking that everything you have on your paper is unreachable and pull your yourself down with it. The new maxim for summer is: I can do it!

Thus the shooting under the radiant sunny and clear blue sky… I love the night because in the silent dark I can collect my thoughts and dedicate myself to them the best.

It happened all recently: a tough yet happy day full of adventures was drawing to a close and while my baby boy was sleeping and my husband resting in the bed next to him I was washing the dishes and arranged my thoughts. I realize that I have probably never told you a story in such a detail and probably the action was not connected to the actual story at the slightest but let me continue. Everyone has this one to-do in the household during which he or she can relax, plan or think best, for me this is washing the dishes. So I was standing in a darkened kitchen trying my best to feel better. I realized that no matter how wonderful the day was with super delicious food, long sleep, a good old friend as guest at home, so many cool parcels arrived and the weekend ahead I could not enjoy the day like I normally would. I was lost of love for life. Was it because I was in a dispute with one of the most special people in my life? Was it because this person despite our talks as if nothing ever happened refused to accept me back on social media and that left me disappointed or was it the uncertainty about our relationship? Do you know what? It was none of that. The wound was lying deeper. The wound was lying in the sorrow that I cannot do it, that I would not make it until a certain time. That made me feel more lost than the loss of this person and the uncertainty I was left with.

“(…) and hopelessness turned to eagerness.”
– Fall4Me

I called for my husband being in tears already hoping that he would say some cheerful words when I tell him about my sorrows which he did about the first matter. He asked why I would think that I cannot do it and that he would be there to support me but about the second matter instead he just told me to give up. (He did not say this with a bad intention because he would not know me or not believe in me but because he did not want me to suffer). But giving up was no option for me, that was what I told him, too. Even if he made me be mad at him probably that was just what I needed in that moment because my attitude immediately changed and hopelessness turned to eagerness.

The next day which included my first sorrow was very hectic in the beginning, relieving and wonderful when the event took place and over crazily fast but with a very happy ending. About my second sorrow I realized what was the disturbing factor and abandoned it to focus on my aim. In addition I work harder and as I eliminate all these meaningless disturbing factors I can do it (all)!

This Attitude: a Delight under a clear Blue Sky

A real Armenian does not mix cognac with water but enjoys a delight under a clear blue sky like a charismatic boss captain and keeps on sailing forward neither cutting his way nor losing his destination. Sometimes you may think that it would be impossible to bring two different things together and that it is rather something wanted but not could but when you see result it is as if these two things as navy and cognac are, were meant for each other and open up a new kind of summer romance between a despairing desert and an hopeful oasis.

Navy blue on top and cognac on the bottom for summer.Navy blue on top and cognac on the bottom for summer.Navy blue on top and cognac on the bottom for summer.Navy blue on top and cognac on the bottom for summer.Navy blue on top and cognac on the bottom for summer.Navy blue on top and cognac on the bottom for summer.Navy blue on top and cognac on the bottom for summer.Navy blue on top and cognac on the bottom for summer.

My Look in Details

Love, Johanna

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