Period Or Pregnancy? This Is How You Find It Out

Hello my beloved readership,

“baby or burger?”, the boulevard-magazine journalists’ favorite headline to catch attention. The better question should be: Period or pregnancy? The difference is really minor. Therefore read in about the main differences, special signs and more advices․

Pregnant? Yes, no, maybe?

The same but different – whether for yourself or your fellows – and thus all the mental preparation and experiences you do not know how to behave and just feel overwhealmed by both of the phenomenons. Hopefully the following sections are going to at least reduce the insecure feelings inside you.

Period or Pregnant: main differences

“How does it feel when you are pregnant? How do you recognize it?” – Questions I asked one of my colleagues, who has been pregnant approximately half a year before I did, as time passed with no pregnancy being there. That was the time when my hot-headed frustration and hopelessness turned into cool-headed rational curiosity and mental preparation of what I wanted to take place. Now I understand why this question is hard to answer even for the most self-confident women: the differences are so slight that you cannot really tell. Not really helpful or hope-giving as I thought to myself, back then behind my smile and thank for taking time to explain, and as I have to admit here now to you. I even do not know how my mother got her first suspicion let go my father-in-law no doubts about my pregnancy when he saw me two weeks before I have found out about it. Experience probably…

Nevertheless there was one small but decisive difference that leaves no doubts about a pregnancy. Not the commonly known morning-nausea but the unmistakable sting in your belly when you get really angry (close to a rage). Now I am extremely mad that I could not spare my then unborn treasure this experience in this phone call due to the selfishness and egoism of a person I sadly cannot easily erase of my life. When my anger reached its (then) limits I had to give the phone away and lay down taking a pause. That was the time when my certain suspicion arose. I am not telling you this in order to make you simulate or enforce such a situation to find it out. Pregnant or not these feelings I have had I do not wish to anyone! Better wait until your period misses out.

How Long Should I Wait Until Making The Test

If you have never noted the dates of each period taking place until now you now will start to do so due to different reasons… The clever ones among you are going to wonder “wait after what?” – legit question. Even if there are pregnancy pre-tests that can give an answer up to four days before the period is destined you should better and usually wait until your period really misses out. While women in forums report that they have waited 10 days on average until making the test at the first pregnancy I did not see the necessity in tension for that long. The female cycle endures at least 26 days and at most 33 days. As you start having a good look at your body you should study, learn and know about the duration of your personal cycle in order to know the right day to test which would be when the 33th day of your cycle has passed.

According this explanation I have not waited longer than five days until I did the test that has been positive then. Under the pressure due to impatience by my mother I have done the first test with too many expectations on me and too overhasty. The second test was far away from that as all hopes were pretty much gone and my suspicion shared with no one but my husband.

INFO: Which Pregnancy-Test Should I Buy?

The expensive test from the pharmacy? The test from the publicity or a no-name multi-pack from the drugstore? In this case the most expensive one is not necessarily the only best or reliable one. Basically you can buy any test and get the result you want to: certainty. In the end all the tests are working the same way: you are peeing on them and wait for lines to appear. One line is a negative test-result, two lines are a positive test-result. Otherwise you can pee into a cup and dip the test in it. Do not worry if you did not let the first ray of urine go and then take a sample or rather put the test in. The result is not going to be falsified. In any way you should do the test in the morning as you wake-up and go to the toilet for the first time in order to get a proper result.

A positive pregnancy-test
You do not need a test which writes the result in words. These two lines are unequivocal.

Pregnancy: Ready or Not?

I had to do the test twice – one month after the other – as our first suspicion turned out to be wrong. Nevertheless, when do you really know that you are ready for a child? There is just one answer to that, never. Seriously, you know it when the child is on its way… or not. I was mixed with all kinds of feelings in the frames of the first test: On the one hand I did not want to believe that it was indeed negative as it showed. On the other hand I was afraid of the new task probably coming. But once I realized the sadness I was in I could not wait for the baby to be made. During the pregnancy and the development of it you are more and more going to learn to be ready for the new stage of life of parenthood.

Love, Johanna

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