A Summer In Cream – Just What I Needed

Hello my dear readership,

a summer in cream is another pit stop in between the wild and fancy trends of the high season. Even if it may seem like nothing it is perfectly made to tell the story of that just what I needed. You need it and I do so, too. Read more about it in the following.

Where are actually all my good advises when I need them? Whenever, wherever I see or just feel someone upset I cannot help myself but to help them and be there for them, make them feel better, solve their problem or at least help them handle the situation and in most of the cases – probably one exception that may confirm the rule – I am successful whereas when I fall into a problem I try to look for the mistake in myself, solve the problem with the concerned person and when I fail I feel so bad that I cannot stop talking about it, with nearly everyone I start a conversation with, and lose my love of life.

“…then suddenly you hear something […] something you knew yourself…”
– Fall4Me

My intention with that is not to make my fellows create feelings of hate towards this person because not even I do so – you are hurt because that concerned person is important to you and the more important that person is to you (sadly) the worse is your hurt – what I feel in that situation is restlessness. While every other person would probably look for people boosting him or her up, portraying him- or rather herself as the complete victim in this story and probably unwanted put the other person into a bad spotlight of hate I am looking the ultimate advise, or not even that… I am looking for an at least slight spark of hope that things will be fine again. It is painful if you do not get that and you feel like you are never going to come back up from this misery again and then suddenly you hear something. Something that was there all the time, something you knew yourself and – worst – something you had probably been told in all this comfort and make the person who told you this freak out. But do not worry it is not an evil freak out because these people and everyone else know that it is natural that some things just help at certain time when they are needed. That is why things are not visible all the time.

Cream: Calming, Curing, Caring

Summer is over once your heart gets broken, you do not care about the sun anymore, the warmth is rather driving your crazy than healing and all you are calling for is the night and probably rainy days to stay at home and lock yourself inside out. It is okay to feel this way, it is okay to get yourself a long nap – after all you are shattered and need to recover – and once the wild summer trends get too much to you cream will be your perfect alternative to wear and still be trendy without gaudy colors and conspicuous pattern. Cream will embrace and catch you of you will be about to fall in a smoothing way and give you the feeling that you do not need to hide neither in yourself nor elsewhere. Once you need a pause cream will be just what you needed to feel better.

Cream on the focusCream on the focusCream on the focusCream on the focus with black contrastsCream on the focus

My Look in Details:

Love, Johanna

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