Summer In Olive: Not Identical

Hello my beloved readers,

olive as one of this season‘s trend colours is like an agreeable shadow on a hot summer day. But have you ever thought about it’s difference to khaki? Things may seem the same but they are simply not identical.

“Is it not the same?”, anyone not familiar with this question? …I always thought it would be typical men who branded things looking similar as one and the same not caring enough for details but apparently things are far worse than I thought of them to be. For the means of fashion and beauty it may be that while typical women are fussy up to the very detail for example if there is one and the same item in the same size numerous times we look analyse each one until we pick the most flawless one, but in general society seems to be stuck on the belief that if you belong to the same company, come from the same family or even adapt the same culture, religion or nation you are all identical inside out either bad and disgusting or good and lovable according to – attention something else that is going wrong with the world we live in(!) – the experiences we as individuals have made with at least one member of a group.

“People are making it too easy for themselves, (…) willing to bring on whatever reason…”
– Fall4Me

People are making it too easy for themselves, not only typical men, but in general the majority is fast at branding same indices as completely identical, it is tough enough for twins and even worse with people who have even less in common than them. Therefore they are willing to bring on whatever reason suits them best in the situation; time, duties, things going wrong and many other outer influences that would make their excuse seem credible. But in fact it would not harm to take a closer look at times. If women are fussy enough to look for the best within one and the same then it is for a reason and a pretty legit reason on top because sometimes the smallest not identical reason can be decisive to buy something or not and in other situations of life to be or not to be in the summary.

Olive or Khaki? One At Its Time

I do not often recite Kanye West, above all because I think that the way he illustrates himself to public he seems megalomaniac, but if I do he for an exception spoke out wise words in calmness:

“Someone will always be prettier.
Someone will always be smarter.
Someone will always be younger.
But they will never be you.”
– Kanye West

So we learned that things are not identical even if they may look the same at the first sight. Like this olive is not khaki and – guess what – khaki is not olive. But which is which and when comes which? I myself had to study and learn about the difference before writing this article. Olive as well olive green is as the name already says green flowing towards green in the gamut of colors while khaki on the contrary is yellow flowing towards black not even containing one per cent of green at all. About the question when comes which, well, this is something nature and what is lying in the air is going to tell us when the time is right. Even if I have worn both of the colors within this look while the spotlight is just on one of them for the time given it was not bad at all. Like this the not-identical detail could be portrayed very well and even if one color flatters the other color each one has its own time to shine.

A cuddly summer look in olive.A cuddly summer look in olive.A cuddly summer look in olive.A cuddly summer look in olive.A cuddly summer look in olive.A cuddly summer look in olive.A cuddly summer look in olive.

My Look in Details:

Love, Johanna

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