The Desire To Have Children? With These 5 Tips It Will Work

Hello my beloved readership,

welcome to the first article of my Babylove-section. Today I want to talk to you about the desire to have children. You cannot entirely take control over it because, of course, things come when they come but you surely can influence it with these five tips with which it will work.

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1. Examination at the Gynaecologist’s

Earliest if you start having sex, latest if you are planning to found a family you should get yourself a gynaecologist and have your first examination.

Tip: For the mothers, parents and young girls among my readers I would like to entrust you with combining these two times in life and make it happen after getting married. As my husband stated the traditional picture of the family comes never out of fashion. Besides from that the thought about trying yourself out sexually with one or many before finding the one is simply disgusting – especially for for male members in your family – and is only going to lower your value. Do not be like those kind of women who are looking for an outfit, having basically found the perfect one but still look around hoping to find a better one. Nothing is perfect – everything is equal – it is up to you to make it perfect! Apart from all this I want to encourage you in this section that even if something is not common in our society nowadays, swim against the stream if you think of it to be the right way.

Back to the actual topic: An examination at the gynaecologist is going to becalm you from the beginning. But: Do not send your husband or rather life-partner immediately to the urologist if his family-tree is generally alright. If it has not worked for three years you can take it into consideration.

2. Folacin

Every gynaecologist in the world is going to advice you the following: take folacin as food supplement, one pill once a day. The medicine that is also known as vitamin Band B11 support your fertility. Personally I recommend Femibion by the company Merck because for what concerns your health there is nothing cheaper than the expensive according to a Russian saying.

What if I forget to take folacin one day?

Do not worry, if you forget it it is not going to affect the process negatively. Just remember to take it every day as good as possible. But: if you are not sure if you have taken it or not better do not take it before taking two pills.

Food that contains folacin

I belong to that kind of people that prefers to go without pills and rather prefers to get the cures the natural way even though you can take folacin with no doubt as long as it remains one pill a day. Nevertheless if you want to support the amount of folacin in you you can do it with the following food:

  • Vegetables: Salad, spinach, asparagus, tomatoes, cabbage
  • Pulses: soybeans, peas, et cetera
  • Wholegrainproducts
  • Egg yolk and liver

3. Renunciation on Alcohol

“Since I know that you are going to be.” – as you can say these words for yourself you should stop with harmful things such as alcohol which is toxic for your unborn as well as dying your hair.
Attention: Many women find out about their pregnancy weeks after they already are pregnant so you should give up on these harmful things as prevention as well apart from preparation.

4. Once Correctly Than Again and Again the Wrong Way

My husband and I have tried to get pregnant for almost one year until it actually happened. While in the first weeks we were rather afraid to indeed be pregnant, as time was passing we have turned from thoughtful to seriously desperate even though all the given facts were in favor of a pregnancy for us. Then finally before sending my husband to the urologist I thought that I could ask my general doctor who has known me even before I was born. He has given me the ultimate magical advice that it is better to have sex once a month or once a week but then with the whole madness, passion and feelings instead of five days a week but under time-pressure. Following this advice you are going to join the club of the couples that remember exactly that night their beloved children have been created. A funny fact to this: When I asked him about how to get pregnant I did not know that I have already been pregnant for about two weeks already.

5. App: Life

Pregnancy: doubtlessly an act of providence. Nevertheless not completely out of all rationality. Of course the sexual intercourse has to be a good one but there is a timing when it is more probable to become pregnant as result of the sex. The 14th day of your female cycle when the ovulation happens to take place. Nothing keeps you to spend money on ovulation tests but you can save this money for something better. That instead you can download the LIFE app for iOS. This app is something like a period-diary. In the free version you can add your period. It counts the days to your next upcoming period and it displays your fertile days. The clue: as app on your phone you always have it with you possibly as well as contraceptive.

INFO! The pill: The Worst Invention of Humankind

You are recognized as adult woman when your parents, mother as well as father start to have serious talks with you about sex, contraception and children. While doctors love to prescribe young girls the pill already only against puberty acne and everyone considers it the easiest and as result of that best way of preventing parents with medical know-how are going to protect you from the pill and people with a lot of experience agree that the pill is literally “trash”.

Explanation: Many people do not think of the long-term side effects of the pill. One of the worst: stagnation with the conception. Therefore think of it very good before taking the pill. It might keep you from your desire of having children as you have it. It is a long process until the ingredients of the pill are completely abandoned off your body.

Do Not Get Desperate

As the headline says, do not get desperate if it does not work immediately at the first try. Especially if sex is a new experience to you you and your partner have to get used to each other with your bodies. If you focus on it too much it is only going to torture you. Always remember that the best things happen to come when you least expect it.

Hint: Medically as well as personally I suggest 20 to 25 as best age to have your first child. On the one hand your body has the necessary health and fitness and on the other hand once you turn 30 the age of 35 is not far away and from then on every pregnancy counts as risk-pregnancy. In addition the younger you are the more it is possible not to give birth by a Caesarean not only because risk-pregnancies are going hand in hand with these kinds of birth but as well because you are more likely not to have had serious operation which have the result of your organs to grow together and lead you to a Caesarean in the end.

Love, Johanna

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